Mrityu Datta

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Producer: ABCL
Music: Anand Milind
Lyrics: Sameer

Contributed by Mandeep Bahra

This is Amitabh Bachchan's comeback film and is not to be confused with Anand-Milind's exquisite soundtrack, 'Mrityudand'. However, Mrityudaata is not at all bad! Anand-Milind have roped in punjabi pop singer Daler Mehndi to do an energetic 'Na Na Na Na Na Re' along with Sudesh Bhosle (doing his best Amitabh impression). Anand-Milind keep up the pace with 'Illa Loo Illa Loo' (Sameer hard at work again?!) Don't be put off by the title, the song is actually quite good! Karishma Kapoor's favourite ghost-voice, Poornima does a good job and is supported well by husband and co-singer, Vinod Rathod. The two singers match each other perfectly expressionwise! Abhijeet and Poornima's 'Tak Jhoom' also has chartbusting potential. But the song that really strikes a chord is 'Kabhi Khushiyon Ki Sargam'. Anand-Milind have looked back to Laxmikant Pyarelal compositions of the late seventies for inspiration on this one, and have come up with a sweet melody that leaves a lasting impression. The song also marks a welcome comeback to Mohd. Aziz who has been missing from film music for a while. Aziz gets strong support from Alka Yagnik and Vinod Rathod making the song a real gem. The last two numbers, 'Hamre Deshva Ki Burai' and 'Apne Baap Ka Kya Jata hai' are Sudesh Bhosle solos sung in typical 'Bachchan' style. Unfortunately, in terms of being memorable, they don't rate very highly.

Overall though, this is a very sincere effort from Anand-Milind and Sameer - Keep it up!

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