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At The 'Zinda' Premiere
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John Abraham Heats Things Up At Fun Cinemas For The "ZINDA" Premiere

Recently press conference of just released film 'ZINDA' was organised at West Delhi based Fun Cinemas. For which John Abraham, Sanjay F. Gupta, Shibani Kashyap, Pakistani Band Strings (Faisal & Bilal) were in the capital. As soon as John & party reach the venue the huge gathering that was waiting for them goes bizarre and gave the grand welcome with lots of shouting and ho-halla, it was look like all the delhiites saying pagal hain hum, tumhare liye....

Talking about his movie, director Sanjay Gupta said Zinda is full flashed black action film based around Sanjay Dutt and John. Sanjay played a vital role, I'm sure this is one of his best performances till date. When asked that films are mirror of our society and in a man's life past, present and future are there along with the emotions & feelings, but your film is having the story about past, what you say about it? Sanjay said it's wrong.

We are not promoting the action nor we have any aim to do so, I always prefer to make films for entertainment and when you watch 'Zinda' you'll get the answer, my film has a very strong message. Replying about competition with Big B's 'Family' and peoples concern and sympathy as he's back from hospital, he said I never say drop Big B's movie and watch another, he's a great man and the filmmakers make that movie with lots of hard work so I just want to say watch both the movies as it's not difficult to watch two movies a week. About the people's sympathy and concern, John replied I was also in the hospital that doesn't mean people will left Big B's movie and watch ours. Sanjay says we are not competing with any one, both the films are on different subject and storyline so it's depend on the audiences which one they want to watch.

On his experiences working with Sanjay Dutt, John says he is great personality, he played his part with cent percent efficiency, I enjoyed working with him and learnt a lot about acting and because of him I am able to play my role with perfection. Shibani said usually I never prefer acting but Sanjay Gupta ask me again and again to do this song as he was expecting that I can perform this song with perfection and I'm happy that his belief comes good and today it's one of the chartbuster songs.

After the press conference, Shibani and Strings performed live to entertain the audiences and make them singing and dancing on their tunes. When Shibani sings title track 'Zinda Hoon Main..' each & everyone present there were left to rock their bodies, they request Shibani to perform this song again and again and seeing the excitement of peoples Shibani performed it two times.

Promotional activities for Zinda got huge gathering and love from delhiites and gave them Sardi me bhi garmi ka ehsas, but in all John was in the limelight all the time. What will happen to ZINDA on box office, will it re-create the success run on or yet we have to wait for first success of 2006.

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