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Exclusive Interview With Javed Akhtar
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I recently had the opportunity of listening, meeting and later on interviewing the talented and multi-faceted Javed Akhtar. As a script writer Mr. Akhtar has given us the angry young man and as a lyricist he has re-defined the concept of lyrics in Bollywood, blending classy poetry with modern aspects, without compromising on quality.

Incidentally a lot has been happening in the Akhtar family of late and after giving him my introduction and my credentials I decided to get the facts straight from the horses mouth rather than concocting ´exclusive stories´.

This is what a relaxed yet confident and composed Mr. Akhtar had to say:

Q. Can you tell me something about Zoya Akhtar´s ´Nargis´ ?

Javed Akhtar - First of all let me make it clear that Zoya´s film is not called ´Nargis´. I don´t know where and how this name emerged from.

Q. We have heard that Madhuri Dixit wont be a part of the movie, what is progress as far as the movie is concerned?

Javed Akhtar -Yes Madhuri Dixit has become too busy of late and won´t be a part of Zoya´s film but the project is very much on and no one has yet been finalized for the lead. Fans can expect something concrete about the project by the end of this year.

Q. Is Farhan´s ´Lakshya´ releasing on June 11?

Javed Akhtar- Yes ´Lakshya´ is definitely releasing in June.

Q . A lot has been said about Farhan Akhtar´s showdown with Amitabh Bachchan on the sets of ´Lakshya´ in ´Laddakh´, can you let us know the actual facts?

Javed Akhtar- It is something that is just not possible; there is no question of it happening, especially since all of these kids, Abhishek, Farhan and others involved in the film have grown up together and it is really like one big family. In fact during the recent Holi bash at Amitabh´s residence I was not in Bombay and could not make it, but Farhan was present there. It is just the imagination of a fertile mind. It´s not that I have come to know Amitabh recently. I´ve known him from the time he came to Bombay.

Q. Do you think there are lobbies working against ´Lakshya´ as many other stories about the movie are also floating around about it like portions being re-shot and it being being a typical war film a la ´LoC-Kargil´?

Javed Akhtar - I don´t think that there are any lobbies working against the movie but you see people have to circulate [saleable] gossip. As far as ´Lakshya´ is concerned, it has war as a backdrop and is more about the young man in the film (Hrithik Roshan). Of late I have concentrated on lyrics and kept away from scripting a but ´Lakshya´ is the first movie for which I have done the script and dialogues, etc.

Q. There has been news about Farhan Akhtar working with Shah Rukh Khan in his forthcoming movie, can you let us know about the project ?

Javed Akhtar - Well there have been talks going on with Shah Rukh Khan, but nothing is definite there. As you know we are on very good terms with Shah Rukh as I have been writing the lyrics for most of his movies. I can tell you that there are not one but two to three projects that are under consideration and not all of them will necessarily be directed by Farhan. We are considering bringing in outside directors.

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