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Birthday prediction for 'RANBIR KAPOOR'
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His last two releases may not have worked at the box office; but that doesn't take away the talent from this heart-throb of a zillion hearts.

We ask our in house expert and ace astro numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi to predict what the future holds for none other than Ranbir Kapoor on the eve of his 33rd birthday:

"Born on 28th September 1982, Ranbir is a Number 1 (Sun) person in numerology ruled by Number 6 (ruler Venus - Libra) while his destiny number adds up to Number 3 (Jupiter)" explains Bhavikk.

"Being a Number 1, Ranbir wants to be an 'ace' in whatever he does since he is ruled by the most powerful star - the Sun. The Venus effect makes him lovable and wanted while Jupiter will help him amass wealth".

"Ranbir will now enter the 34th year of his life which indicates that his time is about to change for the better; both on the professional as well as the personal front" predicts Bhavikk.

"After a much long wait, his next release 'Tamasha' will click with its target audience and once again his pairing with ex-beau Deepika Padukone will become the talk of the town" he adds.

"As for his equation with lady love Katrina Kaif, it is a good one and hence they should finally come out in the open and declare their affection for each other in public as the timing is just right".

"I would advise him to spell his name as 'RANBIR R. KAPOOR' and wear a Yellow Sapphire to be set in gold on his right hand index finger on a Thursday evening (one hour before sunset) to help him choose his future projects much more carefully and also have better focus on his work" recommends Bhavikk before signing off.

Bhavikk Sangghvi is a renowned astro-numerologist.
He can be reached at:

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