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Movie Review of 'WEDDING PULLAV'
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'Wedding Pullav' is sweet, spicy, aromatic romantic-comedy directed by ace cinematographer Binod Pradhan and produced by Shashi Ranjan and Anu Ranjan.

The movie has in its lead debutant actor Diganth, Anushka Ranjan and Karan Grover. Anushka who has been a famous ramp model is starting her career in Bollywood with this film.

The film basically revolves around a wedding destination and is a story about two best friends Diganth and Anushka who fall in love with each other but are themselves unaware of it.

Diganth is supposed to get married to another girl (Sonalli Sehgal) but when Anushka is invited to attend the wedding of Diganth this confusion of love increases. On one hand Diganth is not at all liking to see Anushka with her boyfriend (Karan Grover); on the other hand Anushka is also jealous of the girl to whom Diganth is getting married.

The story then moves to such a complicated stage where they now know about their feelings for each other but are confused to what should be their next step? Whether they confess their love for each other or let go off is for you to find out.

Although the story of the movie is not-so-new but the way it has been dealt with by writer Pooja Verma is something interesting.

The confusion created in the wedding sequences is full of fun and laughter. The rich colours of tradition and culture are well captured by cinematographer Gopal Shah.

As a first time director, full marks to Binod Pradhan for bringing out the emotions well.

Of the cast, while Diganth and Karan are charm-personified, Anushka makes a smashing debut. The girl has a bright future and besides her gorgeous looks, she is a complete natural in front of the camera and also dances well. Rishi Kapoor's track is a good fun segment which adds more flavour to the film making it all the more entertaining.

The look of the film is fresh throughout and editing by Sayyed Sameer is crisp. To top it all, Salim-Sulaiman's music is of chart-buster quality while Rohit Kulkarni's background score is top notch.

In short, this one's a 'yummy' treat, go for it!

Rating: * * * * (4 out of 5 stars)

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