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Tamannah Bhatia obsessed with nail art
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Tamannah Bhatia who is not only a talented actress but also a fashion icon is currently having a new obsession. The diva that been experimenting with different looks and giving her audiences a dose of freshness every time, is obsessed with nail art.

Tamannah, who has an eye for detailing, believes that nails play an important part in the outfit and it is essential to keep them trendy too. Recently, the actress has been spotting different types of nail art like shattered nails and party nails which are right now trending in the fashion world. The gutsy actress is making way to create a change in fashion and is opting designs which are quirky in their own way.

Talking about her new obsession, the gorgeous actress said, "For me fashion is not just about outfit, make up or accessories, it's about every detailing which takes to get that look and nails do play an essential part. I always used to like taking care of my nails but getting nail art done is fun. I like trying new things therefore I opt for whacky nail arts which are trendy and unique at the same time."

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