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Sufis to Protest Bollywood Songs as they are Anti-Islamic
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According to a press release from Madariya Sufi Foundation, "Sufism Is Islamic. No Sufi Music In Islam except as per Shariah Law. Sufis to Ban & Protest all such musical songs, dances, festivals, movie songs In India & Worldwide".

Sufism is a branch of Islam, defined by adherents as the inner, mystical dimension of Islam. A practitioner of this tradition is generally known as a sufi. Sufis belong to different (uruq or “orders” — congregations formed around a master — which meet for spiritual sessions (majalis), in meeting places known as zawiyahs, dargah, khanqahs, or tekke. Sufi turuq/orders may trace many of their original precepts from the Islamic Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and through his cousin and son-in-law Ali ibn Abi Talib (a.s).

The press release further states, "Madariya Sufi Foundation, Mumbai and millions of followers of Sufi tradition & organizations, along with other Sufi orders in India & South East Asia such as Madariya, Chishtiya, Ashrafiya, Qadriya & various Sufi orders across globe is concerned & is raising strict objection for projecting Sufism & also its origin, meaning, content & tradition for music, songs & dance events/programs. Such events are purely a music or cultural gathering but they are marketed & advertised as ‘Sufi Event’ or ‘Sufi Music. There are many music bands, singers who claim themselves as ‘Sufi’ or misuse this word extensively. This is hurting religious sentIments of Sufl Islam and they are by all means anti-Islamic."

The Foundation warns, "If despite this if any movie producers, media house, music concert organizers use the word ‘Sufi , we will protest them & also file legal case under various sections of Indian Penal Code for insulting the faith & hurting religious sentiments. This is clear memorandum that there is no Sufi Singer if the poem/song is not in praise of Almighty Allah, Holy Prophets of Islam & his companions, Islamic figures or any Sufi Saints."

As a result of the protest, a very recent case of ‘World Sufi Spirit Festival’ has been changed to ‘Sacred Spirit Festival at Nagaur & Jodhpur.

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