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Anushka Sharma and Diljit Dosanjh team up as a singer-rapper duo for the first time in Phillauri
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Anushka Sharma will make her debut as a rapper in a an out-and-out dance track -Naughty Billo, a promotional video for her film Phillauri releasing March 24. The party track has been sung by the Punjabi sensation Diljt Dosanjh.

Diljit and Anushka, who have been paired for the first time as actors in Phillauri, have also teamed up for the very first time as a singer-rapper duo in the song! Their amazing chemistry that everyone loved in the trailer and other songs is high up in this one as well, as they groove to the catchy 'funkjabi' music by debutant Shashwat Sachdev choreographed by Feroz Khan.

Diljit, whose songs are a rage across the globe says, " I love the spunk and the Punjabi swag of Naughty Billo. The choreography is superb and the final product with Anushka's rap is very impressive."

On her turn as rapper for the first time, Anushka said, "When I first heard it in Shashwat's recording studio, Naughty Billo just caught on with me. On his insistence I decided to give the rap portion a shot just for kicks. And before I knew, I had turned a rapper!! Love the style and energy of the final video. While it will not be a part of the film, we will use it extensively as a promotional video."

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