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When Obama Loved Obama promises laughter this summer
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Aman Osama, a modern Muslim man living in Agra, had always been bothered by his honest father suffering at the hands of the corrupt system. This suppressed angst gives rise to a disorder in him. Being a Nana Patekar fan, he gets so influenced by his persona that he starts emulating him sub-consciously whenever he gets angry. The film traces his journey through a series of crazy events that he stumbles upon along with his cousin Joy and a bunch of mad characters.

With a unique title that is bound to raise curiosity and questions pertaining to the film when the promotional campaign kicks in, the film has an equally funny and mirthful script to boast of. The film touches upon a variety of issues like corruption, inter-faith relationships in modern India and politics but in a lighter vein. Produced by Jaivindra Singh Bhati and directed by Sudhish Kumar Sharma, the film is expected to hit theatres in May 2018.

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