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Anushka Ranjan's style inspired by Spice Girls
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Anushka Ranjan, who made her debut with Wedding Pullav released last year, is fashion conscious and has always been appreciated for her sartorial choices by fashion experts.

While sharing her style sensibility recently, Anushka said, "My style is casual and bordering on tomboyish. I am comfort-oriented, and will experiment with most styles so long as I am at ease in them. I have lost 20 to 25 kilos in the past three-four years, and that is when I started getting more conscious about my fashion choices."

Talking about her style influence, Anushka informs, "My friends and I were heavily influenced by the Spice Girls as we were growing up. I still remember sporting platform sneakers that they had popularised."

Anushka, who is known for her tall frame and fierce look, often consults her younger sister Akanksha Ranjan in terms of style. "She is my go-to style advisor and also my biggest fashion critic. I even send her pictures seeking her opinion when is she not around. I trust her judgment blindly."

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