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YRF is now on QuizUp!
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Everyone likes being able to beat friends at a game. Especially so, for a fan base led by an all-things-mobile generation. In a move targeted to engage its younger audiences, YRF has tied-up with the world’s largest trivia game - QuizUp.

Sophisticated by design and powered with interesting game mechanics, QuizUp is a real-time trivia game in which one user competes against another over an interest led topic. Boasting of 34 million plus users worldwide, the app also allows users to challenge friends and strangers to trivia battles across 600 plus odd topics.

Currently featuring under the Movies section, you’ll bump into ‘Yash Raj Films – Films Forever’ topic with hundreds of unique trivia-led questions and a fan can play the topic to find out how much of a cinematic fan they truly are.

With that said, Yash Raj Films has become the first Indian Production House to be featured on this global app.

Anand Gurnani, Vice President – Digital, Yash Raj Films, said “This association will not only enable a trivia driven gaming delight to our fan base, but will also steer them to know more and engage with their favourite movie studio, YRF.”

Thor Fridriksson, CEO of QuizUp said, “We are delighted to be partnering with the one and only Yash Raj Films in offering this unique topic to our users and film fans. QuizUp has been on a mission to connect users globally through common interests, and we are sure that film fanatics would love this topic. ”

YRF fans and film enthusiasts around the world can now find and challenge their friends or other users on QuizUp by connecting through Facebook, or by simply signing up through email. If you’re a trivia-lover, chances are you’ll be addicted. Get gaming!

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