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Anjum Sharma plays SherKhan in a play based on The Jungle Book
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Actor Anjum Sharma, who made his mark with roles in films including Slumdog Millionaire, David and the recent impactful one of a Sikh ATS officer in Wazir, was recently seen playing the iconic character SherKhan in a play based on the popular Adventure film, The Jungle Book .

The play titled 'Jungle Book 2' that Anjum was a part of, was an extension to the story of the popular children adventure show. The story written by Pawan Uttam who has also produced the play and directed by Lokesh Rai .The play has more drama, twists and turns and music and live singing is an integral element to narrate the story.

The play "Jungle Book 2" was held at Mumbai's NCPA theatre on 14th May 2016 and all the tickets were sold out in advance.

Anjum says, "The people who have produced the play, Jungle Book 2, have a good background in producing plays. They have already made a very good children's play called James And The Giant Peach."

"When Lokesh narrated me the story, I instantly liked it and my character Sher Khan. There was a strong character graph of Sher Khan in this sequel. It was very challenging. I am not a singer but in this one I tried singing solo on stage. Physically also, it was quite challenging. There were basic fights on stage," Anjum adds.

Like all other characters that Anjum has done in the past, be it Sartaj from Wazir or any other character, there is a basic amount of preparation that the actor has always done. "This time it was really different. Playing an animal and that too an iconic character like Sher Khan, I tried to bring the instinct - a basic body language. It is interesting to do things which are completely challenging and Sher Khan was one of them. It was a mix bunch of great energies put together" explains Anjum.

"After the play ,there were so many kids who came to meet Anjum and clicked pictures with him . Anjum was amazed by the outstanding reactions from the kids, It was a happy moment for the actor interacting with the young ones.", says a source

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