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Zee Music to launch Tripet Garielle's next single
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Tripet Garielle is an acclaimed British Bollywood Style Pop Singer known as the 'voice of love', She is a UK born and bred Female Independent Artist with 6 singles and her debut album on the way.

She takes her listeners into another world through the melodies of her voice.Through exploring & promoting self love, feminine sexuality and love for the world. she makes men feel loved and women feel beautiful. She has a mission (the #GirlPower mission) to work with the neglected and rejected empowering them to build inner confidence to face the outside world with power - orphans and women in particular, because of the neglected upbringing she had and struggles she faced as a single parent's child. She is known for her playful and cheeky attitude which her fans refer to as "down to earth."

She has just completed her next single, 'Kamli', which will be releasing on 6th July 2017 being launched by Zee music as her official label. Inspired by singers from all walks of life, being attracted to melodious voices from a very young age, Tripet works with Dubai composer and producer Atif Ali who is also producer of some Bollywood stars including Rahat Fateh and Atif Aslam. She's already released 4 music videos from the Album, shot in London, Paris to Dubai and released 6 singles. Through her talent of languages she decided to study Urdu to sing in the language of Bollywood. Her greatest musical influences are Lata Mangeshkar, Shreya Goshal and Western influences Alicia Keys & Mariah Carey. Asides from launching her album, 2017 also sees the launch of her own skincare range as part of her interest in being an example female entrepreneur and her interest in beauty.

"A voice is far more than just singing notes up and down on a scale. Just because I'm born and brought up in the west doesn't mean I don't belong in the East." says Tripet. She claims to offer untouchable melodies to the industry of Bollywood where melody has long died.

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