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Tourism Australia Excited By ´From Sydney … With Love´!
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Tourism officials who are actively supporting Bollywood movies and Indian Television programs filmed in Australia have said that a number of people watching Bollywood films in India want to go to the places they have seen on-screen.

‘Salaam Namaste’ is just one of many Indian movies and television programs filmed in Australia with support from Tourism Australia.

“Bollywood has a huge influence on where Indians travel,” the WA Post quoted Carl Mah, an India tour specialist in Melbourne as saying.

“Bollywood is bigger than Hollywood and people want to go to the places they see in the movies. The influence of the movies is massive,” he said.

Earlier this month shooting started in Sydney on the latest Bollywood feature to be filmed in Australia, a romance called 'From Sydney … With Love'.

This is the first movie to include the name of an Australian city in its title and is being filmed in locations across the city, including the Opera House, Darling Harbour and the Kings Cross fountain.

There will be a rugby scene, choreographed by the movie’s stunt director, and footage of buskers and graffiti art. It will be released in May.

“There will be 2 million posters and up to 10,000 billboards for it in India and producers estimate at least half a billion people will read the positive title with the word Sydney’,” Anupam Sharma, an Australian-based Bollywood entrepreneur, said.

“A quarter of a billion people will watch the film counting its cinema screening, pay TV release and years on the DVD market. But if it turns out to be a super hit many more will see it. That''s a conservative estimate. The figures are mind boggling because of the population of 1.2 billion people,” he said.

According to Sharma, several Bollywood movies and Indian TV programs are filmed in Australia each year and tourism authorities provide assistance to help get them off the ground and to ensure destination footage is included.

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