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Ajay Devgan to support UN Humanicy Program for a noble cause
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"Humanicy" is a word coined by H.E. Mr. Angelo Antonio Toriello, the Ambassador and DPR of the Permanent Mission of Sao Tome`& Principe (an African island nation) to the UN. The project will be shared to support the Humanicy film program itself, sustainable developing social-humanitarian projects for Sao Tome and Principe, and to support UNWOMEN and UNICEF agencies too.

When Angelo Antonio Toriello approached Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn for his support ,he was kicked with the Idea of The Noble Programme .He believes that Humanicy is a project about seeking a developed role for arts and cultural exchange by eventually spreading awareness with the help of documentaries, films and short films having a social message.

The Humanicy movement believes that arts and creativity can be powerful tools in peace building and development negotiations, because they represent the truest will within all humans. About promoting Humanicy in India H.E. Mr. Angelo Antonio Toriello says: "India is one of the most creative places in the world, and though definitions can change, they won't change the holistic creative essence of this continent, as it is natural to India."

H.E. Mr. Angelo Antonio Toriello says, "I am promoting humanicy as a reminder to keep alive "humanity" within, even though one is working as diplomat."

The ambassador came in limelight in 1996 when he reported the scam of pedophile priests coming inside the catholic church. Recently, in a scamming case in India which involved individuals holding a diplomatic position and which he was following up, he took the opportunity to send an email to the Secretary General office with the intent to highlight "malpractices" at UN too, and which he has been monitoring since his appointment.

Humanicy enjoys the patronage of D. R. Kaarthikeyan (former CBI and Human Rights, India, director).

H.E. Mr. Angelo Antonio Toriello correspondent office in India is run by a young and dynamic team: Kimberly Trinidade and Suneet Singh in Mumbai; Rohit Goel and Jasmeet Marwah in Delhi, with the coordination of his executive assistant, Ms Shweta Emmanuel.

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