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Hiten Paintal starrer 30 Minutes delayed due to demonetization
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The big issue:

I feel the producers have a made the right decision to postpone the film to 9th December because right now everyone has money but don't have money. You can exchange only 4000 rupees a day and for a middle class family (who are our major audience) would not go to theaters and spend 2000 out of that money.. they have more responsibilities they would want to take care of with that money..

Repercussions of the delay on the film:

Honestly I do not think the delay will hamper the film. The changes that were announced at the 11th hour by the government, one has no control over these matters. Most big films that released as per scheduled opened to empty houses. The common man is struggling queuing up outside banks and ATMs. Why would they go to watch a film in a sea rip like this? I do not think there will be any repercussions. in fact after so many days of stress I think when we release people would like to go to watch movies and distress.

Releasing his film with big films like Dear Zindagi:

Every film has a target audience. The content of these films are poles apart. At the end of the day it is the quality of the film that decided it's fate. The audience is the best judge. I am sure when people walk in the theaters they won't be disappointed. I believe in the age old' saying, "sabar ka phal meetha hota hain". I'm sure the audiences will reciprocate with equal love, warmth and success.

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