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Critics shower praises on Kahaani 2 Durga Rani Singh
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Director Sujoy Ghosh and Vidya Balan, recently teamed up to recreate the magic of Kahaani, with the second installment of the thriller franchise Kahaani 2 : Durga Rani Singh

Going by the reviews, Kahaani 2, lived up to its expectations with the critics and trade raving about the film and calling it a definite "must watch."

Says Komal Nahta, "Kahaani 2 is engaging,engrossing and entertaining. Vidya Balan is once again outstanding".

Says Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV , "Kahaani 2's understated style and riveting core make it well worth a watch. "

Says Mayank Shekhar, Midday , " A mystery that unravels by the minute, without a moment to pause for breath, much less blink, which is saying a whole lot for a movie that's still 2 hours plus."

Says Bollywood Hungama, " #KAHAANI2 is a dark thriller that addresses a sensitive subject with fantastic performances."

Says Miss, " The first thing you will notice about Kahaani 2 is the restlessness.Sujoy Ghosh has undoubtedly made one of the best movies this year."

Says Sulieman Merchant , " A sensitive subject backed with fantastic performances. Highly recommended."

Says Nishant Bhuse,, " Gripping screenplay and mesmerizing performance by Vidya Balan, keeping the franchise of Kahaani flying high."

Hindustan Times says ,"A wonderful thing about Sujoy's film is that there is nothing grand - the situation and the characters look grounded and what makes the movie great is the realism.Kahaani 2 is must watch 4stars ."

Says Ravi Bhuley( Amar Ujala)," **** Audience ke dil main ye cinema ka 'good touch' hai."

Director Sujoy Ghosh reunites with powerhouse performer Vidya Balan, yet again for the second installment of the Kahaani franchise, also starring Arjun Rampal.

Essaying the role of the 36 year old, Durga Rani Singh, Vidya Balan is wanted for kidnapping and murder in this suspense thriller.

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