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We reshot the film with a different cast Sudhish Kumar Sharma
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After twenty-seven years of experience as an editor and director of photography, Sudhish Kumar Sharma decided to take the plunge into direction. He made his debut as a director in 2014 with 'Hum Hai Teen Khurafati' and is now ready with his second directorial venture 'When Obama Loved Osama'.

Tell us something about 'When Obama Loved Osama'.

The film is essentially a comedy. We show the murkier side of politicians, how a politician can go to the extent of running his own daughter's life for the sake of elections. We have also touched upon issues like inter-caste marriage.

How did you come up with the basic idea for the film?

The writer of the film is from Dehradun. He came up with the basic idea and we really liked it. I like comedy as a genre and I realised here we had a good opportunity to make a message-oriented film using humour as a device in the narrative.

Was it difficult to make a film with new actors and a limited budget?

The lead actors have done a few films and we have got some veteran actors like Himani Shivpuri, Mushtaq Khan and Liliput in supporting roles. We were making this film earlier but it goy stalled. The actors started blackmailing the producers. We had to delay the climax for some reason ad when we were ready to shoot, the actors started demanding one lakh rupees a day as their compensation. Our producer did not give in to their demands and decided to make the film again with a different cast. We had shot some 60-70% of the film by then. We have shot the film in various cities such as Agra, Sonepat, Noida and Lavasa. The challenge was to make the film in a stipulated budget. I have been a DOP and editor for twenty-seven years.

Are you working on any other project?

I am working on a new idea for the next film. It will also be a comedy.

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