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You have to be very firm as a person to be successful in this industry Chaman Gupta
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After being in the media industry for several decades and establishing his studio, Chaman Gupta decided to embark on a new journey. He turned producer and is now panning to roll out multiple films from his production house. In this interview, he talks about his long career as a media professional, the challenges of making a film o a shoestring budget and his new production 'When Obama Loved Osama.'

Director Sudhish Kumar Sharma had stated the film had to be reshot because of some issues created by actors who were earlier working on the project. How did you deal with this situation as a producer?

I am not fully aware of this episode as I was not involved with the project back then. After I came on board, there has been no problem as such.

Tell us something your background in the media industry.

I started out as a news anchor with Doordarshan and did that for twenty years. I have my own production house in Delhi called Sargam Studio. We make television shows, documentaries and radio programmes in Delhi. We have worked closely with the Government on various programmes. I have been a theatre artist also. We had our own group and we used to organise plays regularly I have done radio as well. Right now, I am busy with my production house.

Making a film in a shoestring budget is usually very difficult. What are the challenges you faced while making this film?

We did face a problems but that is a part and parcel of the process. But, if you plan things well, you can make a very good film at a low budget. Nobody helps you. You have to help yourself. If you are determined to for something, you will do it regardless of the obstacles you face. You have to be very firm as a person to be successful in this industry.

Are you planning to produce another film?

We have two-three films in the pipeline. As soon as this film releases, we will start working on the next one.

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