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Rani Mukerji on tracking box-office numbers
- Anish Mohanty           Let us know what you think about this article

Box-office numbers are not necessarily an indicator of the quality of a film. However, it does give an idea as to how many people came to the theatres to watch a film. If one looks at the box-office trend of a film carefully, one will come to know whether the word-of-mouth was positive and there was growth in the business of the film over a certain period of time or the film failed to entice the audience into coming into the theatres. The sole reason why a film is marketed heavily by its leading actors is that they want people to be aware of the film, be excited about it and come to the theatres to watch it when it eventually releases. The success of a film help the actors and others associated with the film in ways more than one. On the other hand, a film which fails at the box-office can spell doom for the careers for the ones involved with it.

"I am an artist. I do not follow or understand numbers", this is what one hears a lot of actors saying. One cannot help but wonder how actors can be so oblivious of the way their film has performed at the box-office as at the end of the day it is a business which will crumble down if films do not make money. Of course, it is suffice that an actor is good at what he is supposed to do, that is, act but when you are in the business of making films, having a little information about the 'business' part would be good.

Rani Mukerji, whose film 'Hichki' has turned out to be a good success at the box-office, is happy with her positive response that is coming her way. Ask her if she is someone who tracks box-office numbers or like several other actors chooses to remain oblivious to it she replies, "My husband is a producer, so even if I do not want to track box-office figures, I keep hearing about them. You have to be a married to understand that". One could not agree more.

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