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'Theatre inspired me to become a musician' Vipin Heero
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In the recent times, digital platforms like YouTube has paved the way for several new musicians to showcase their talent and make inroads into the music and film industry. Vipin Heero is one such musician who rose to prominence after his videos became viral on social media. After living in Mumbai, the city of dreams, for four years, the multi-faceted Heero, who is an actor, singer, lyricist and composer all rolled into one, decided to create a track for the city and thus, 'Bambai Nagariya' was born. In this interview, he talks about his journey as an artiste, the process that goes into creating the kind of music he does and forthcoming projects.

How did the idea for your new music video 'Bambai Nagariya' come to you?

I have been living in Mumbai since the last four years and have keenly observed people who come here from different parts of the country to realise their dream. When I asked to make a song on Mumbai for a radio interview, I wrote the first two-three lines of this song. When I thought of creating a full-fledged track out of it, I decided to use my own experiences. When I came to Mumbai initially things looked very difficult but slowly I got used to everything and now, it is an inherent part of me.

You have been an independent music for a long time. How was your experience of collaborating with a record label?

Ever since I came to Mumbai, I wanted to collaborate with a music company, so that my music reaches out to a large audience. These days, so many people record a video them playing with a guitar on a mobile phone camera and upload it on YouTube. The video might become famous but it does not really have a long shelf-life. Sony Music liked the videos I had done earlier and decided to sign me as their artiste.

You put up videos on YouTube and gained popularity from there. How do you see digital as a platform for artistes?

I think it was a little easier a few years back when there were not too many digital platforms. Now, as there are so many of them, you are competing with hundreds of music and who are putting out videos at the same time. You have to share your video several times to get some views. Nevertheless, it is a very good platform for budding musicians who want to get into the industry.

Most of the songs you have done have had a storytelling approach to them. Is that your style?

I have been a theatre artiste for a long time. I have acted in numerous plays and thus, am naturally attracted to storytelling as an art. Theatre inspired me to become a musician. I like observing people and things happening around me, so that I can pick up some stories. As a composer, I just go a step ahead and set these stories to tune. My vocabulary is not as good as that of a professional lyric writer. I use simple words while writing a song. I started composing from theatre. If I write a song on a rickshaw puller, I will spend some time with him to understand his life and his thoughts.

Do you plan to compose and sing for films?

I had recently sung for a film called 'Sameer' which starred Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub in the lead role. I had written, composed and sung the song "Jaa Chhipkali Ja". The song was not promoted and because of that it did not get its due. I am hopeful that I will get a chance to sing more film songs in the near future.

What's next?

I have shot for a Mother's Day special music video which will come out on 13th Of May. After coming to Mumbai, I started missing my mother a lot. I write this song thinking about her. Sony Music will release the track.

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