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"I like to be a part of the biggest things" - Paresh Pahuja
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Making your debut as an actor in a film produced by Yash Raj Films - that is what most aspiring actors dream about. Paresh Pahuja is one of those lucky few who got to live that dream. After making debut in the super hit action thriller, Paresh recently made an appearance in the music video 'Thug Ranjha'. In this interview, the actor talks about the experience of working with Salman Khan in his very first film, what his fleeting appearance in the music video suggests, his love for music and forthcoming projects.

It has been six months but people are still talking about your performance in 'Tiger Zinda Hai'. The film has garnered some great ratings on television and has been watched by a lot of people digitally as well. We finally get to see a glimpse of you in 'Thug Ranjha', the new music video that has come out. You come towards the end of the video and make a tiny appearance. Do we get to see you in another video?

I think I like to be a part of the biggest things. 'Tiger Zinda Hai' was the biggest film of last year. 'Thug Ranjha' is the biggest video of this year. So, I think I am fortunate to be a part of these big projects. This is my favourite line from 'Udaan' which says 'kahaani khatm hai ya shuruaat hone ko hai'. Where one story ends, another begins. In your life, when a person leaves another person comes. It would be very pessimistic to say that every man is like this or every woman is like that. There is a brighter side to the story. There is a plan to something after this. The video has been received very well, people want to see Akasa and me together in another video. We might sing together in the next video.

Most of the videos have a definite ending. It would be interesting to see a string of music videos that take a story forward.

Yes, Sony Music always comes up with something that is new. You have heard of web-series, film trilogies but there has never been a story conveyed through multiple songs. This is being done for the first time and I am very excited about it.

You have not shot for the video?

No, we will start shooting for it in a while. In fact, people can send their ideas on how they would like to see the second one.

You are a musician yourself. You have played in a couple of gigs. Can we expect to see you lend your voice to a song soon?

There are a lot of open mic events in Andheri where I go to satisfy my creative juices. I hope to do something with Sony Music where I am singing and acting. Any creative person can do anything that is creative. Salman sir paints, Akasa acts apart from being a singer. These are different channels of letting your creativity out. I would love to act and sing in a musical. So, I any of the producers are listening, please cast me in a musical. You got to make your debut with such a huge film like 'Tiger Zinda Hai'. How did the film happen? It is a dream for any actor who comes from nowhere to be a part of a project like this. These are very magical things. I had this little dream that my debut should be with Yash Raj Films. I had a little diary and I used to write about my dream there. But, my friends would be like 'you are a nobody', 'why would they launch you?. I think if you hold on to something for a long time and if you really believe in it without putting any logic to it and questioning it, it will happen. If I tell somebody that I want to win an Oscar, people will tell me 'oh but India has never won an Oscar'. Nobody had thought of going to the moon until Neil Armstrong went there. You just have to dream big, have faith and let the magic happen.

How was the experience of working with Salman Khan?

It was ethereal and out of the world. We always make a perception of people from the outside. We think 'Bollywood toh log aise honge, aise khaate honge". But, they are very simple. They talk about the same things you and I talk about. They feel exactly the way you and I feel. They have ups and downs. We were sitting on a table having lunch. Bhai comes and sits next to me and asks for dal and rice. I thought 'Salman sir dal and rice khaate hain'. I am a vegetarian. He would remember that and would ask for vegetarian food whenever we used to eat together. He is very strict with fitness. He does not let you miss out on a single work-out session.

Working on a film that has been mounted on such a huge scale must have been an interesting experience.

When I signed the film, I was nervous yet excited. When I heard the ensemble cast will have Salman sir, Katrina and stalwarts like Paresh Rawal sir and Kumud Mishra sir, I wondered if would be overshadowed. Then, there was Angad whom I had loved in 'Pink'. Anupriya is a dear friend of mine. Sajjad was unbelievable. He proved that you do not have to be loud to play a villain. Then, I told myself 'forget everything and enjoy the experience. The day I went on sets everybody was so warm and welcoming. Katrina is such a sweetheart to talk to. She will talk to you about anything freely and honestly. Because of the great experience I had on the sets of 'Tiger Zinda Hai', I look forward to my upcoming projects with a lot of positive energy.

Can you share something about your upcoming projects?

I just finished shooting for a web-series for Viu. I have two films coming up. When the production allows me to talk about it, I would be able to share more details about these projects.

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