Planet Bollywood
 • Rock Band Raeth Return in Rock On Form with, ´Hum Yaadon Ke Sang´
 • Kajraare: A Concise Musical Analysis
 • "I wanted Dhol Yaaraa Dhol to be more popular than Pardesi" -- Interview with "Dev D" Lyricist Shellee / Shailender Singh Sodhi
 • Lucky Ali returns to the barren Indi-Pop scene with the emotionally resonant ‘XSUIE’!
 • Interview with Raima Sen ("The Japanese Wife")
 • Interview with Vivek Oberoi ("Prince - It´s Showtime")
 • Interview with Abhay Deol (Road, Movie)
 • The High Notes of 2009
 • "Cribbing about existing cinema and then not making an effort to see different films is like not voting in a democracy." -- Jaideep Varma
 • "I cannot say person to person that I’m the lyrics writer of Ringa Ringa from Slumdog Millionaire" --Raqueeb Alam (lyricist & singer)
 • "Rock is an attitude" -- Xulfi
 • Kailash Kher & Kailasa: Yatra (Nomadic Souls)
 • "Dus Gaane" Compilations: Top 10 Songs of Priyanka Chopra
 • “All the tunes were made fresh according to the script” – Sohail Sen (Music Director of What`s Your Raashee)
 • "I always used to feel sad when coming back from an international film festival."--Shivajee Chandrabhushan

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