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Producer: Yash Johar
Director: Mahesh Bhatt
Music: Anu Malik
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar

Reviewed by: Avinash Ramchandani

If one Shah Rukh isn't enough for you, then this is the movie for you! Two Shah Rukh Khan's star in Duplicate, along with Juhi Chawla and Sonali Bendre. The music is given by Anu Malik; Malik has not disappointed with his score, although the music could have been better. The quality of the compact disc was surprisingly below standards for RPG label. A high-pitched static erases the normally beautiful voices of the singers. It may also be because another CD is offered with this album.

The first song, "Mere Mehboob Mere Sanam", wonderfully rendered by Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik, sparks the album. The song has the familiar Virasat-beats of Anu Malik and the lyrics are superb, with Javed Akhtar's standard.

The second song, "Kathai Aankhon Wali" has superb lyrics but mediocre singing by Kumar Sanu. Sanu's nasal tones aren't nearly as good as his singing in the 1997 hit "Do Dil Mil Rahe Hain".

The best sung song is sung by Abhijeet and Kavita Krishnamurti, "Ladna Jhagadna". This song seems to be a copy of an old O.P. Naayar song by Geeta Dutt and Kishore Kumar.

The instrumental track is quite short. The first time I heard it, I completely missed it. "Tum Nahin Jana" is a Ghatak-ish song sung by Shankar Mahadevan, Udit Narayan, and Alka Yagnik. The song is nothing special.

"Wah Ji Wah" is another Kumar Sanu song. The song itself is good, but Sanu's nasal tones and his pronunciations are terrible.

The final song of the album is decent. Sanu fares a bit better in this song, but Kavita Krishnamurti wipes him out in the couple of stanzas that she renders.

The album fares well for Anu Malik, it is a guaranteed hit with the Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik song. Kumar Sanu, although he has several songs in the album, nothing is a potential hit. Kavita Krishnamurti, again shows off her talent, Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik fare similarly. For Udit it looks like another hit in the bank. Abhijeet shines again-- his one song is sung far better than Udit's or Sanu's songs, although it is not a chartbuster as "Mere Mehboob Mere Sanam".

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