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Producer: Mohan Kumar
Director: Mohan Kumar
Starring: Ajinkya Deo, Sayaji Shinde, Sudesh Berry, Rohini Hattangadi
Music: -
Lyrics: -
Genre: Action
Recommended Audience: Parental Guidance
Film Released on: June 2001
Reviewed by: Akshay Shah  - Rating: 7.0 / 10
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Public Rating Average: 5.11 / 10 (rated by 410 viewers)
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Your glancing through the video stores (the film didn’t release in cinemas anywhere near the International market) and you see a film with no big stars, a subject matter akin to violence and war. Of course you’re not going to pick it up. I did, because the only popular name in the film, Sayaji Shinde, is one of my favourites, for he has excellent talent and because the genre of the film, sort of a gangster drama, is one to my tastes. Certainly, on the same note anyone who is a fan of this drama would certainly not mind giving Avgat a watch.

The film has a pretty ordinary storyline, but is handled in a significantly different manner.  . The film revolves around a little boy Ramu (Ajinkya Deo); he leaves school and starts balking tickets. He feels this is the way to make it as something in the world. His mother Rohini Hattangadi) and brother (Sudesh Berry) believe in working life the hard ay. As Ramu grows up he makes friends with Narang (Sayaji Shinde), a small time crook who has his eyes on bigger things like the seat of Minister! Him and Ramu become good friends and as time goes on Ramu starts doing odd jobs for him like murder and extortion. He gets sucked into the underworld and turns into Ramu Bhai while Narang becomes a big political figure and uses Ramu! Ramu gets stuck into a deep dark world where there is no turning back and the only way out is to die!

The story is partially inspired by Vaastav and some parts remind you of Satya as well. The story is captivating and the characters are well thought out of neither black nor white. Though the characters of Ramu’s mother and brother are clichéd.

Mohan Kumar does a decent job. It appears that he is a b-grade director but he shows flairs of brilliance. The film is clearly inspired by the likes of other classics in the genre like Parinda and the above mentioned but he does add some emotional touches, just witness Ramu´s death scene that is awesomely shot.

In terms of performances Ajinya Deo is pretty good as Ramu. He had tried to make it big back in the 80´s but just got slammed in the B Grade action category. Here he gives a confident performance and his scenes with his mother, his girlfriend (Nethra Raghuraman of Thakshak fame) and with Narang! The boy can act, but I doubt this movie will bring him greater things. Sayaji Shinde as Narang gives a winning performance, and adds his own talents to his character. He seems good at playing a politician (just like in Shool). Nethra Raghuraman in a deglamourised role does ok. Rohini Hattangadi and Sudesh Berry are ok as are the rest of the cast.

Technically the film is ok. It doesn’t feel like the film has that low a budget and the camerawork is ace though it is reminiscent of Gang in parts. Musically the flick is nothing special.

Avgat is surely not a classic, but isn’t a bad film either. If underworld films with well acting and well-executed sequences please you, it deserves a watch.

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