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Producer: PLUS Films
Director: Arunaraje
Starring: Ashwini Bhave, Sridhar, Umashri, Manohar Singh, Anjana Mumtaz, Dilip Raj, Master Anand
Music: Laxmikant Pyarelal
Recommended Audience: Parental Guidance
Reviewed by: Radhika & Tanmeet Kumar  - Rating: 8.0 / 10
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Public Rating Average: 6.25 / 10 (rated by 414 viewers)
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BHAIRAVI is a triumphant film from renowned director Arunaraje. The movie stars award caliber Ashwini Bhave, who has a nifty set of films under her belt like RK Studio┬┤s HENNA and Yash Chopra┬┤s PARAMPARA. The story is different yet simple. BHAIRAVI focuses on the story of a blind girl named Ragini (ASHWINI BHAVE) who is an outcast in her village society. Yet her tremendous singing talent and her father┬┤s (MANOHAR SINGH) well respected role as a pandit makes up partially for her affliction. Many boys seek her hand in marriage but then escape when they learn of her blindness. Her mother (ANJANA MUMTAZ) dies of grief when the last few of many boys turn her offer down. Her father also dies of a heart ailment, leaving Ragini┬┤s aunt (UMASHRI) to care for her. Lost and alone, Ragini withers away hopeless when suddenly, one day, a man (SRIDHAR) shows up at her door asking for her father. Ragini tell the man that her father is long dead. The man, who calls himself Rajan, tells Ragini that he had hoped that her father could have instructed him in the arts of singing. Ragini tells him that she is happy to teach him and the lessons begin. After a while, love prevails and Ragini and Rajan fall for each other. Ragini┬┤s aunt is happy to hear of the news and makes arrangements for their marriage quickly. The odd thing is that Rajan doesn┬┤t seem to care about Ragini┬┤s blindness. After a few happy months of marriage, Rajan claims that his job will be taking him to Madras for a few days. Rajan never comes home. A few weeks later, the heartbroken Ragini finds that all her money and jewelry are missing. Her aunt and family friends quickly suspect that Rajan is a heartless con man but Ragini stays true to her love...until she learn the shocking truth.

Ashwini Bhave┬┤s acting is superb. Sridhar does a good job on his role. The song really stand out as does the direction. Great movie. A must see for all film buffs.

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