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Producer: Dharmendra
Director: Dharmendra
Starring: Bobby Deol, Twinkle Khanna
Music: Nadeem Sharavan
Genre: Action
Recommended Audience: General
Reviewed by: Rahul Sharma  - Rating: 7.0 / 10
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Public Rating Average: 5.08 / 10 (rated by 415 viewers)
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An average debut vehicle for two star-kids. The story of the movie leaves much to be desired, for it´s nothing new. It´s the same old yawning poor-boy-meets-rich-girl stuff(sic). I think that this sums up the story part.

As for Bobby Deol, the guy looks good enough on the screen to carry on the successful trail of Dharmendra and Sunny Deol. Twinkle is no match for Dimple, for she looks more a copy of Rajesh Khanna than Dimple (think of that, a girl resembling Rajesh Khanna :) Acting wise, the two have done well enough and are the saving grace of movie.

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