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Hum Pyar Tumhi Se Kar Baithe
Producer: Rathore Rajkumar, Ajitkumar & Kamal Kumar Barjatya
Director: Mohan Singh
Starring: Jugal Hansraj, Tina Raana, Sachin Khedekar, Navni Parihar Vishnu Sharma, Mushtaq Khan, Charlie, Johny, Viju Khote and Dinesh Hingoo
Music: RaamLaxman
Lyrics: Shaheen Iqbal, Aziz Khan Shahbani, Israr Ansari, S
Genre: Romantic
Recommended Audience: General
Film Released on: 08 November 2002
Reviewed by: Abid  - Rating: 5.0 / 10
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Public Rating Average: 5.11 / 10 (rated by 411 viewers)
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Rajshri Films are famous for doing the unexpected. Previously, they failed to give the video rights of Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, simply so they could curb the pirates. Since they succeeded with that, they also ventured into doing other things like going for a limited release for some of their films which too was another successful ploy. This time around in their latest venture Hum Pyar Tumhi Se Kar Baithe, they have gone for a very limited release (that too in north India) with little or no publicity. The film had no marketing, has not released in the overseas market (not even in many parts of India) and features a relatively no-name star cast of Jugul Hansraj and new comer Tina Raana. The music was just released and it seemed that Rajshri Production simply wanted to get the film out of the way. One thing is for sure, they didn´t strategize the film for an optimal success.

The very familiar story is rather simple. A happily married business tycoon indulges in all sort of illegal activities to make  fast money. This upsets his wife and after initially putting up and trying to reason with her husband the family finally splits as she walks out talking her infant son along. The news breaks that both mother and son have perished and the business man repents but to no avail. However, as we all know they are all living and well far away.

Later, a situation arises that has his father bringing up the daughter of his best friend, who died in a car crash, interestingly just like his own daughter. Time flies and the grown up daughter lands up at the hill station Mt. Abu (thankfully not Manali) and meets up and falls in love with yes, the supposed to be dead son of her foster father. After the usual twist and turn, including the bad man Anoop Soni and some ordinary comedy and finally so brings us a predictable happy ending.

Jugal looks too subdued and timid at times. He still has not managed to create the true hero persona and this film does nothing to change that. Tina has had a very ordinary debut and looks like one of the many TV serial characters. Only Sachin Khedekar tries to save a weak script with another good performance after Astitva. Aside from the regular performances another drawback for the film is that the story is too predictable and ordinary. That too that the direction is pedestrian. Little care has been made to make the film a notch above the rest, or anything different from what this production house has given us!

As far as Ram Laxman´s music goes, only three songs can be called reasonably good. The beautiful scenery of Mt. Abu has not been exploited to its full credit showing once again a handicap on the maker´s part.

While Hum Pyar Tumhi Se Kar Baithe is just all right if you like typical  Rajshri light hearted romances, the film is nothing more than a re-hash of some of their films that that they produced and directed in the seventies. Does the 2002 Indian audience want to see a seventies styled rehash?

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