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Insaaf - The Justice
Producer: Mohammed Fasih
Director: Shrey Shrivastav
Starring: Namrata Shirodkar, Dino Morea, Sanjay Suri, Henna Kaushik, Dayal Shankara, Kunika.
Music: Nikhil Vinay
Lyrics: Sameer
Genre: Social
Recommended Audience: Adult
Approximate Running Time: 140 mins
Film Released on: 05 March 2004
Reviewed by: Shahid Khan  - Rating: 1.5 / 10
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Public Rating Average: 5.09 / 10 (rated by 412 viewers)
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What a terrible film. I had a hunch that "Insaaf - The Justice" may tackle the issue of rape in a sensitive and informative way. Unfortunately, I have been proved wrong.

I learnt something about myself while watching this film. I realised that every time I hear that the plot of a movie is based on something that has happened in real life, I automatically assume that it will be a sensible and well-made film. That┬┤s not always the case as a lot of Hindi filmmakers take a plot from reality and turn it into a corny formulaic potboiler. "Insaaf - The Justice" is based on an incident in Bihar where an influential man┬┤s son raped a woman, the wife of an IAS officer.

The drama opens with Vishwanath Prasad (Sanjay Suri) committing suicide and then the audience are taken on a voyage of flashback that explains the reasons for this action. Vishwanath has a happy family with his wife Kunti (Namrata Shirodkar) and his little daughter. All that changes when Kunti is raped by Bunty (Dayal Shankara), the lecherous son of the powerful minister Rameshwari Verma (Kunika). Since this is Bihar, the police condone BuntyÔÇÖs deplorable actions while Vishwanath and Kunti are degraded at every step towards attempting to achieve justice.

Enter the superhero Abhimanyu Singh (Dino Morea) and his little journalist damsel, Reena (Henna Kaushik) who are determined to get justice on Kunti┬┤s behalf. Abhimanyu is an IPS officer who is extremely dedicated to his job (when he┬┤s not gallivanting around people┬┤s gardens with his heroine that is). His fight is not easy when every tactic imaginable is used by the minister to stop Bunty from being arrested by the law. A tired Abhimanyu gives up and begs Kunti to wreak her own form of revenge and take the law into her own hands.

Okay, now where do I start? This film is just bloody awful, right from the start to the end. The scene of Kunti┬┤s rape is disgustingly played out and extended as if to titillate the twisted and perverted minds. The execution of the scene is very hackneyed and will bring back shuddering memories of those awful films in the past where directors relied on a mandatory rape scene for fortune at the box office. Namrata even gets to say, "Bhagwan ke liye mujhe chhod do". If the story is inspired by something that happened for real, then the director should have taken care to ensure that this crucial part was done tastefully and that it conveyed the terror without overdoing it.

Namrata Shirodkar┬┤s performance is the biggest disappointment here. She certainly is not a bad actress but the film woefully highlights the limitations of her talent. I get the feeling that she did not delve deep enough into the emotions of her character. Her revenge plot at the climax should have been satisfying. Instead, it irritates due to Namrata┬┤s inability to light up the screen with her anger. Here, the absence of Rekha or Raveena Tandon is sorely felt. It is nice to see that Dino Morea is steadily improving with every film. He does well in this film but a confused script mars his efforts. His role was clearly modelled on Sunny Deol┬┤s part in Rajkumar SantoshiÔÇÖs "Damini" but the actions of Dino in the second half does not leave as much impact due to the very weak first half. Sanjay Suri is okay but his portrayal of a raped woman┬┤s helpless husband does not top Raghuvir Yadav┬┤s depiction of the same role in Jagmohan Mundra┬┤s "Bawandar".

Henna Kaushik┬┤s dialogue delivery grates on the nerves. It is as if a robot is speaking. She has the most songs picturised on her (with Dino) but her glamour lacks the classy touch. Henna had better fire that clothes designer of hers, as most of the costumes she wears look very tacky (especially in the songs). A couple of the songs should have been edited out in the second half. The songs are tuneless and simply add to the irritation. The editing is shoddy and is one of the major negative points of the movie. The dubbing is poor too as I noticed a couple of scenes where dialogue was spoken but visually, the actors did not appear to be talking. And it happened the other way round too where the actors moved their lips but no sound came out. Shrey Shrivastav┬┤s direction is dire and fails to get the audience engrossed in what happening onscreen.

Needless to say, "Insaaf - The Justice", is a waste of time.

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