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Producer: Anil Sharma and Balraj Irani
Director: Kuku Kohli
Starring: Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumaar, Karishma Kapoor, Naghma, Aruna Irani
Music: Anand-Milind
Genre: Action
Recommended Audience: General
Reviewed by: Akshay Shah  - Rating: 8.0 / 10
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Public Rating Average: 5.1 / 10 (rated by 417 viewers)
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Kuku Kohli´s much-hyped follow up to Phool Aur Kaante was a highly successful action drama. Suhaag was clearly a well-made film with all the correct commercial ingredients.

Story wise the film has a simple story, which is well executed. Ajay (Ajay Devgan) is a simple, middle class college going student who always passes with an A-Grade. He has a friend called Raj (Akshay Kumar). Raj is the total opposite of Ajay and his interests include girls, girls and more girls. Despite the differences Ajay and Raj are the best of friends. Raj has a girlfriend (Naghma) through whom Ajay meets his love (Karishma) after a lot of fun and games.

The twist comes in the movie when Ajay learns that his believed widowed mother (Aruna Irani) actually isn´t. He discovers this when he sees her on "Karva Chauth" praying for her husband’s long life. A confused Ajay gets drunk and that night accuses his mother of all sorts of unthinkable things. That night her mother reveals the true story of what happened to Ajay´s father and her Suhaag!

Ajay´s father (Ramesh Sharma) was a doctor at Rai Bahadur Hospital, a hospital that provided treatment for the poor. One day he stumbles upon a kid who had mysteriously died and when checking he finds out that the kid’s heart is missing. He realises he has stumbled upon a conspiracy where kids are murdered by the doctors for their organs for which there is a great deal of money involved. At first he thinks it is only one doctor behind it all (Dalip Tahil). He vows to take him to the police and uncover him.

He also decides to tell Rai Bahadur (Suresh Oberoi) what is going on-but he gets the biggest shock when he finds out it is Rai Bahadur who is the kingpin. Rai Bahadur frames his father as being the culprit for the organ donor scam and therefore his father gets a life sentence. Ajay vows to bring down Rai Bahadur and his empire.

The second half of the movie takes a serious turn as Ajay admits himself into the hospital and openly challenges Rai Bahadur to war! He vows to bring down Bahadur’s criminal empire and proposes dealings of death with help from Raj at every turn. How Ajay goes about doing this and what hurdles he faces is what the movie is about. The story sounds like a typical actioneer on paper but it is the fast paced treatment and performances that make it a decent fare.

In terms of performances the movie belongs to Ajay Devgan! He carries the entire movie on his two shoulders and excels right throughout whether it is the comedy at the start, action, drama or the confrontation scenes. A bravura performance from Ajay.

Akshay Kumar also compliments Ajay well. His role is smaller than that of Ajay´s and less meaty but he definitely leaves his mark. He is also immaculate in the action and drama sequences but it is surprisingly the comedy in which he shows a spark of brilliance. His facial expressions and body language are just too hilarious. Naghma and Karishma Kapoor do their roles accordingly and don´t have any scope to perform. They look hot through out the movie and do well in the songs. Aruna Irani gives a great performance as Ajay´s mother. She has given a performance like this earlier in Raj Kanwar´s Kartavya for which she won an award and this performance isn´t as good as that one. Nevertheless she is great! Suresh Oberoi as the films villain is also a major highlight.

He gives an excellent performance here as Rai Bahadur and if Phool Aur Kaante had Amrish Puri as Don then this film has Suresh Oberoi as Rai Bahadur. Though his character isn´t as complex as Amrish´s and unlike Amrish Suresh is an all out villain he is still excellent in his role. His confrontations with Ajay are a major highlight of the movie and he gets right under the skin of the character Rai Bahadur.

Kuku Kohli again proves he can come up with a good entertainer in terms of masala flicks and his movies provide everything from action, comedy, drama and romance all in good doses. The pacing of the movie is also a plus point since it movies at a fast pace and doesn’t leave the viewer bored at all.

He uses the same formula here as Phool Aur Kaante where he presents the first half full of laughter and love and the second half full of action and drama and he succeeds again! I personally enjoyed this flick more than his previous ones and have watched it many times more. It is pretty obvious Mr. Kohli and Ajay share some great chemistry and I am eagerly awaiting Kuku´s Asar- The Impact for which he has signed thespian Dilip Kumar and Ajay Devgan together!

Music of the movie is also another factor, which contributed to the films success! Each and every song of the movie is a chart buster and the picturizations are also lovable. Anand Milind were in form here with a number of hit tracks. Surprisingly Ajay Devgan only gets one song in the movie but that is the best song although it has a major AR Rahman influence.

Technically the film is slick and has a fresh look to it. The action by Veeru Devgan is a standout as expected.

Suhaag is definitely not a flawless film and has some faults in terms of screenplay and script but it is nevertheless a sound film in terms of entertainment.

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