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Producer: Raj Kanwar & Pappu
Director: Raj Kanwar
Starring: Sanjay Dutt, Chandrachur Singh, Mahima Chaudhary, Raj Babbar, Sushma Seth, Mohan Joshi, Shakti Kapoor and Special Appearances by Johny Lever, Kunika, Shivaji Satam & Himani Shivpuri
Music: Rajesh Roshan
Lyrics: Sameer
Singers: Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeskhar, Minoo Purushottam, Rajesh Khanna
Audio On: HMV - Saregama    Number of Songs: 7
Reviewed by: Planet Bollywood Staff  - Rating: 0.0 / 10
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For “Daag”, Yash Chopra decided to cast the hit jodi that had made “Aradhana” such a rage four years earlier, Rajesh Khanna

and Sharmila Tagore. SD Burman composed the music album that helped "Aradhana" become such a popular film (although RD Burman also collaborated on a couple of songs). Unsurprisingly, since then, RD Burman had composed the music score for many of the blockbusters that starred Khanna. But the director did not include RD Burman in his team for "Daag". Instead, he roped in Laxmikant-Pyarelal (the same team that had provided hit scores for a couple of Khanna´s earlier films such as "Do Raaste” and “Dushman”). Post-“Aradhana”, it was accepted that Kishore Kumar was the voice of Rajesh Khanna. At this time, L-P could really begin to work and experiment with Kumar on an album instead of just giving him one playful number to belt out (like in many of their film albums of the 1960´s).

This was the first time that poet Sahir Ludhianvi worked with L-P and, infamously, there was a clash of working styles and strong personalities. Years later, Chopra decided to keep Ludhianvi and lose L-P for the music of “Kabhie Kabhie” (which, some would argue, is a superior album to "Daag").

"Hum Aur tum, Tum Aur Hum, Khush Hai Yun Aaj Milke" is a romantic duet by Kishore and Lata Mangeshkar. The tune has a childlike innocence to it. The ditty refrain of "Hum aur tum" makes it sound like a nursery rhyme. Sahir´s lyrics are creative and dreamy. "Milke yun so jaayen, Jaise kisi parbat par mil jaayen do baadal, Tanha udte udte" Kishore outshines Lata with his passionate rendition. But she is definitely not overshadowed by him in their next duet in the album, "Ab Chahe Maa Roothe Ya Baba!". She is clearly enjoying herself in this fun-filled masti song about rebellious young lovers who do not care what their parents are thinking. The tune is loud but very catchy.

Sahir´s simple words manage to raise the situational mother-son ditty, "Hawa Chala Kaise" (by Lata), above the ordinary. With lines like, “Bolo barf ki chaadar kisne daali hai, Bolo dhund main yeh phool kisne taali hai… Jaane jaane wohi jaane”, this is obviously an ode to God.

Lata expresses tremendous pain in her voice for the song, "Jab Bhi Ji Chahe, Nayi Duniya Basa Lete Hain Log". Her recital of this number is often overlooked as this is a copy of a Pakistani film song. Nevertheless, her singing is just sublime. Sahir receives no credit for the copied lyrics. Sadly, his work in this album is not as consistently excellent as his poetry for other soundtracks and this is perhaps due to his estranged professional relationship with Laxmikant-Pyarelal. Fans were happy to see him return to sparkling form in the poems of "Kabhie Kabhie" (where music was composed by Khayyam).

Lata joins forces with Minoo Purushottam for the lively Punjabi dance track "Ni Main Yaar Manana Ni". The foot-tapping music is reminiscent of some of Lata’s songs from L-P’s Mera Gaon Mera Desh”. The nightingale glides through this one effortlessly.

"Mere Dil Main Aaj Kya Hai, Tu Kahe To Main Bata Doon" is the best song in this album. Sahir´s elegiac lyrics, L-P´s stirring music and Kishore´s tender rendition combine brilliantly to create an all-time classic ghazal. It is reported that Kishore had, at first, refused to sing this piece. He reasoned that only Mohammad Rafi could do justice to a ghazal like this. The composers refused to listen to him and strongly believed that only he could really bring the ghazal to life. And how they were right! This wonderful song is up there with the very best of Kishore´s classics. Sahir´s words are very emotional... “Mujhe devta banakar, Teri chaahaton ne pooja, Mera pyar keh raha hai, Main tujhe khuda bana doon

Rajesh does not sing but he does recite several lines for “Main To Kucch Bhi Nahin”. This is not a melody so there is no music. This is a showpiece for Sahir’s exceptional talent. It is a must-listen for lovers of Urdu poetry.

While “Daag” may not be a masterpiece of an album, there is no denying that it is required listening for fans of Kishore Kumar and Sahir Ludhianvi.

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