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Kucch To Hai
Producer: Shobha and Ekta Kapoor
Director: Anurag Bose & Anil Kumar
Starring: Tushaar Kapoor, Esha Deol, Natasha, Yash Tonk, Vrajesh Hirjee, Ashay Chitre, Rishi Kapoor, Johnny Lever and Jeetendra
Music: Anu Malik
Lyrics: Sameer
Singers: Shaan, Sadhna Sargam, Babul Supriyo, Alka Yagnik, Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan, Priya Bhattacharya and K.K.
Audio On: T-Series    Number of Songs: 8
Album Released on: 14 December 2002
Reviewed by: Rakesh Budhu  - Rating: 5.0 / 10
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Movie Review
Public Rating Average: 5.11 / 10 (rated by 410 listeners)
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Ram Gopal Varma must be disappointed, I know I am. After complimenting the stylish, slick and thrilling trailers for Padmalaya┬┤s Kucch To Hai, once titled Kya Pyar Karoge Mujhse?, one would have expected stylishly slick and thrilling music to accompany it. After all, these type of films do not need "Nadeem-Shravan" (in the words of Mr. Varma himself) styled songs, right? Apparently

Anu Malik (or someone involved in this project) doesn┬┤t think so. Neither the music for Kucch To Hai is thrilling nor is it decent for its own genre, the once again beaten up young romantic style of music. Leaving blame distribution aside, Kucch To Hai is highly unappealing and sort of a turn off for those expecting an experimental soundtrack. It surely lends insight as to how this supposed ┬┤re-make┬┤ of "I Know What You Did Last Summer" may turn out.

"Hai Rey", is a slow duet intertwined with the guitar. Though the music is of variety, one still gets deja vu listening to it, mainly because Anu Malik´s last album Khushi started off with a song with the exact same title. (No guesses as to who the lyricists is here). Malik´s music is very likable for those who adore slow emotional love songs but otherwise it is long and unbearable. The rarely heard Babul Supriyo is nothing short of ordinary as is his counterpart Sadhna Sargam. 

Himesh Reshammiya had come up with some sixties styled American bop dance songs for Kyaa Dil Ne Kahaa. Anu follows suite in the once again ┬┤Greece┬┤ styled hip hop styled song "Yeh Mera Dil". Shaan and Sunidhi Chauhan sing accurately without over (or under) doing themselves. The youthful song is peppy and enjoyable for whatever it is worth.

"Hone Laga" impedes with traditional sitar and flute use and uses an effective

tabla beat to win over the listener. The song has Anu Malik┬┤s trademark music thereafter becoming a redundant piece consisting of remnants from many of Anu┬┤s other Sunidhi Chauhan songs. The song beats thereafter are standard barring a few interludes of the traditional pieces and is brought down even further by sub-par lyrics courtesy of Sameer. Sunidhi sings regularly without leaving much of a fair impression and neither does Priya Bhattacharya. The song even bears resemblance to "Hai Re" from Khushi which doesn┬┤t say much.

Having changed the title from Kya Pyar Karoge Mujhse, the makers have decided against dropping the title track from that title. Thankfully! "Kya Pyar Karoge Mujhse?" is the only creative piece that somewhat fits with the genre of a thriller, that is somewhat of course. Otherwise thereafter, the song is again Anu Malik┬┤s regular work consisting of a variety of chorus orchestrations and a variety of musical placements. This time however, the effect is positive. Sonu Nigam is his usual affectionate self and is certainly better than Alka Yagnik in this one.

"Aisa Kyon Hota Hai", repeated twice on the soundtrack, is a parody at music, and takes inspiration from "You Are My Sonia". The song is situational, especially with its interludes of conversations, and is not meant for regular listening. K.K. and Sunidhi do their best and Anu┬┤s music is nothing different. One wonders, with all of these love songs and situational tracks where will the thrills and excitement come in?

"Ding Dong" must describe what was going on in Sameer┬┤s head when writing the piece of mess. Anu Malik puts in a little more spice to it than the previous tunes but Sameer┬┤s lyrics and the redundancy of hearing K.K. and Sunidhi Chauhan again totally take away from the composition.

"Pyar Pyar Mein" is another repetitively boring lyrical piece from Sameer but is surprisingly brought to life by Anu Malik┬┤s music. The beginning portions are haunting and the music different and catchy shows effort of trying to make a decent upbeat number. Unfortunately that can not surpass boring singing by Sonu Nigam and the insipid work of Sameer.

Kucch To Hai may not be horribly in terms of Anu Malik┬┤s music especially since he strays away from redundancy but is a set back after the work he┬┤s done in Khushi . More importantly, one knows he has the talent to compose soundtracks best fit for a film like Kucch To Hai, Aks being a prime example. The lasting effect of Kucch To Hai┬┤s music is nil, offering nothing special at all.

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