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Producer: Bhushan Kumar
Director: Rohit Manash
Starring: Aftab Shivdasani, Gracy Singh, Neha, Anjala Zaveri
Music: Nikhil-Vinay
Lyrics: Sameer
Singers: Sonu Nigam, Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan, Anuradha Paudwal, Shaan and Adnan Sami
Audio On: T-Series    Number of Songs: 11
Album Released on: December 2003
Reviewed by: Rakesh Budhu  - Rating: 5.5 / 10
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Public Rating Average: 5.09 / 10 (rated by 412 listeners)
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The thriller theme coming to knock on Bollywood’s door again, listening to the soundtrack for Muskaan has one hoping the powers that be behind this project have relied on a solid film, script, and all, to propel this film for attraction. Not only is the music boring and repetitive but it gives us no indication of what kind of film “Muskaan” may be. Resonating metaphors it does not as we’re not really smiling as much either after listening to it.

Sonu Nigam and Anuradha Paudwal thread the past much followed in the soundtrack opener, “Woh Ho Tum”. This is the theme of the film, thus it is featured in many avatars further in the soundtracks, including the mandatory sad version sung by Sonu Nigam. What else is there to say but that it is a jhankar song much heard before that seems straight out of the eighties. And while the duo singing may not sound half as bad, they sound twice as familiar. Nikhil-Vinay’s different lyrics- same music theme runs strong here and throughout the soundtrack. Sameer’s lyrics as well don’t seem half as inspiring. The song also re-appears with Shreya Ghoshal as the female lead with Sonu. Again, nothing different at all.

Sounding a bit too much like “Mujhe Neend Na Aaye” from Dil, the main line, “Na Jaane Mujhe Pyar Ho Gaya”, is just another bland and regularly repeated line in the overall version of “Jaaneman Chupke Chupke”. Alka Yagnik and Udit Narayan breeze through the song, which is passable. Nothing particularly exciting about the lyrics or renditions as the song’s compositions are predictable. And if you thought you were going to escape Anuradha in this one, think again as she too re-sings it later on in the soundtrack.

Trying to implement a more Punjabi feel into a less Punjabi like number, “Jis Din Tere Meri Baatein Nahi Hoti” sounds a lot like a few bhajans that T-series have released. Irrespective of the inspiration that is clearly there, the song is just another song like the many on the soundtrack, that too sounding like it is straight from the 80’s with Udit Narayan and Anuradha Paudwal not doing anything to change the situation.

And for the real attempt at a Punjab number there is “Nach Punjab Nachle”. Just when you thought you couldn’t have more clichéd music, you have clichéd lyrics to accompany them. And Sonu and Anuradha aren’t unique either.

Ishq Hasata Hai” is a typical semi-qawaali. Of course when Sameer is writing it, it must have “Ishq” in the title. Sonu Nigam and Anuradha are average as the song is.

Kabhi Jaage Sooye” is another extended version of the previous romantic duets on the soundtracks. It bears no mark that differentiates it even though it is sung by Udit Narayan and Anuradha Paudwal.

Nami Daman” is sung by Shaan and Alka, and tries to be peppy and upbeat and succeeds minimally. For whatever it is worth it is a drastic change from the jhankaar overload that is in the entire soundtrack. I suppose we should be thankful for small miracles.

Just when you thought Sonu and Nigam were all over the album, Adnan Sami comes in to try and change things. “Yaad Aaye” is more or less an attempt at re-creating some of Sami’s big hits, “Dil Keherha Hai Tumse”, “Tera Chehra”, et. al. Like the former song, this one stands out because it is of drastic contrast to the former tunes and it works in that sense. Adnan is in fine form and the tune is catchy. Really, Nikhil Vinay could have composed different songs for this film, like “Yaad Aaye”, but why they haven’t is beyond me.

Nikhil Vinay’s last experimental composition was Aapko Pehle Bhi Kahin Dekha Hain, before which there was Tum Bin; sadly they haven’t been able to do anything decent thereafter.

Muskaan is another T-Series soundtrack that is made for people who like to hear the same style of songs over and over again. Considering that they release so many like it, there’s not much to say about their marketing strategies, or those of this film either.

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