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Producer: Sahara One-Motion Pictures and Red Ice Films
Director: Shoojit Sircar
Starring: Jimmy Shergil, Minissha Lamba, YashpalSharma and Mukesh Tiwari
Music: Shantanu Moitra and Nizami Bandhu
Lyrics: Gulzar and Nizami Bandhu
Singers: Shreya Ghoshal, Shaan, Nizami Bandhu, Tara, and Akshay
Audio On: Times Music    Number of Songs: 8
Album Released on: 29 June 2005
Reviewed by: Aakash Gandhi  - Rating: 8.5 / 10
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Public Rating Average: 5.11 / 10 (rated by 410 listeners)
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Round 2 - Shantanu Moitra vs. M.M. Kreem

So, we all heard Kreem’s Kasak, and now it’s time to see if Shantanu Moitra can continue the beauty with which he created Parineeta. Yes, it’s time to see if Moitra can remain the victor in Round 2 and maintain the standards he’s set for himself an the rest of the industry.

Unlike Parineeta, Yahaan is made on a much smaller scale. It promises to tell the love tale of a Kashmiri girl (debutante

Manisha) and an army officer (Jimmy Shergil). At the helm, we have debutante director Shoorji Sircar, while Sahara One-Motion Pictures and Red Ice Films jointly produce this venture.

Just as the film promises to be a fresh ride, the music itself is guaranteed to be anything but run-off-the-mill. The man who continues to stand in the spotlight is Shantanu Moitra, who tool the nation by storm with his soulful melodies in Parineeta. Lyrical sidekick is Mr.

Gulzar, who needs no introduction. Accompanying them is Nizami Bandhu, who adds in a couple of his own pieces.

First up is one of the best pieces of 2005, Naam Adaa Likhna. Shreya Ghoshal, who seems to be one of Moitra’s favorites, breezes right through this sparkling composition. Shaan’s support is of utmost class, as his voice tends to transcend with the quality of song offered to him. Gulzar saab’s lyrics are like a wave of fresh air through the corridors of a musical hall. the true hero would have to be Shantanu Moitra himself who definitely continues the trend with which he composed the tunes of Parineeta. A marvelous score to say the least.

As I promised, the music is anything but regular; as the remix version of Naam Adaa Likha is just that. This has to be one of the best remixes of an original track simply due to its style. The guys to thank are Sameeruddhin and Abhishek Arora who do a fantastic job in coming up with an original remix (I told you, even the impossible is possible at times). Usually, English lyrics tend to irritate in remixes, but somehow the English lyrics here fit into the piece perfectly. “I walk through your eyes, to reach to your soul…Bring me love. Bring me freedom.” This one will be loved by one and all.

Shantanu Moitra seems to have a certain way with child choruses, whether it be in

Kasto Mazza (Parineeta) or in Urzu Urzu Durkut. Don’t let the odd lyrics fool you; this is a piece to reckon with! From it’s acoustic opening to its fun ‘n’ frolic renditions, Moitra brings the atmosphere of Kashmir right into your homes with this spectacle. Gulzar saab deserves yet another pat on the back for writing ingeniously. After listening to the first three songs, one thinks…could this be another masterpiece in the making? Let’s see…

Next up we have a note from the North. Mele Chaliyan features Shreya Ghoshal once again, who renders alongside another classy children’s chorus. This traditional piece has some very impressive arrangements but doesn’t hold the average listener’s attention for too long. However, the last minute of this piece makes it all worthwhile! If you thought Shantanu Moitra couldn’t come up with an infectious beat that could blow the roof off your house, then I’m sure your thirst will be quenched here. I’m not about to spoil the surprise…listen for yourself.

Once again, Sameeruddhin and Abhishek Arora come up with the remix of Mele Chaliyan. Although not as impressive as their first remix, this one does carry with it immense appeal. The meddling of sounds is uncanny and it includes many more western instruments than the traditional version. This is another piece that will find a place in the hearts of many.

Nizami Bandhu composes, writes, and renders Ajmeri Wala Khwaja. This one is straight from the roots, as Bandhu performs wonderfully in a classical atmosphere. Programmed and Produced by Sameeruddhin and Abhishek Arora, this one probably wont find mass appeal, due to its genre and style. However, their second offering, Kahoon Kaise Sakhi, does have a chance to gain wide-spread recognition, as it continues with the fine classical rendition but contains western beats. Nizami Bandhu’s lyrics are a quality as well. These are two well crafted pieces.

The following is Sameeruddhin and Abhishek Arora’s only original contribution, Yahaan Theme. Rendered by Tara, this piece brings Kashmir right to your feet once again. The haunting harmony of the chorus, the chilled play of the piano, and Tara’s haunting rendition liquefy to create a great theme piece. It’s going to be a treat as this one unfolds itself on screen.

It looks like Yahaan is going to fall short of Parineeta’s glory, however, it is a very good soundtrack. Yahaan contains the same quality that was showcased in Moitra’s 2003 surprise, Hazaaron Khwahishen Aisi, which is unfortunately ignored. Nonetheless, whether or not Moitra defeats Kreem in round 2 is the question to be answered….

Kreem, who growing more nervous with every passing second knows that a score of 8.5/10 is not a sure winner when composing opposite Shantanu Moitra. Meanwhile, Moitra is as calm as his music as he awaits the judges’ scores. ***8.5/10***

There you have it, it seems as if we have a tie. Both, Kasak and Yahaan showcase some fine work. From renditions to lyrics to composition, both of these albums have portrayed solid results; each of which has something new to offer. Your CD collections would be incomplete without the inclusion of Kasak and Yahaan. We can only await these maestros’ next creations. Until then, live…laugh…love…and listen….

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