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Producer: Shyam Bajaj
Director: Ananth Mahadevan
Starring: Emraan Hashmi, Udita Goswami, Dino Morea, Rajat Bedi, and Tara Sharma
Music: Himesh Reshammiya
Lyrics: Sameer
Genre: Thriller
Recommended Audience: Adult
Approximate Running Time: 2.5 hrs
Reviewed by: Narbir Gosal  - Rating: 5.0 / 10
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Public Rating Average: 5.1 / 10 (rated by 411 viewers)
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I had tremendously low expectations for Aksar after reading all the reviews. That may be why I found it watchable. Fact is, Aksar is entertaining, but for all the wrong reasons. Whether it be a ludicrous plot, borderline psychotic characters or the foot tapping music, you won┬┤t be bored. Ananth Mahadevan takes a break from romantic fare and tries his hand at a thriller. To be fair, he hasn┬┤t completely failed. Aksar moves at a slower pace than most thrillers. It doesn┬┤t offer edge-of-your-seat suspense or any breath taking twists. However. Mahadevan has taken too many liberties and that makes Aksar hard to digest.

Ricky (Emraan Hashmi) is a womanizing photographer who is hired by a millionaire named Rajveer (Dino Morea) to have an affair with Rajveer┬┤s crazy wife Sheena (Udita Goswami). When I say crazy, I mean CRAZY. Her interests include: heaving vases, candle holders and anything else in grabbing range at her lovers, and mangling designer dresses with scissors if they don┬┤t meet her expectations. Rajveer has had enough of Sheena and hopes that catching them having an affair will be his ticket out of their marriage, and the pre nuptial agreement that binds them together. For Ricky this task is even more difficult because years before, Sheena confronted him when he used her friend (Tara Sharma) for sex. Eventually Ricky wins Sheena over and when Rajveer asks for a divorce, Sheena refuses and openly has an affair with Ricky. Things take a turn for the worse when both Ricky and Raj realize their love for Sheena, and a murder further complicates the proceedings.

Ananth┬┤s direction is functional. He┬┤s used the London locales to his advantage and the film does look slick. While the film is technically sound, it┬┤s the script that needs work. It┬┤s impossible to imagine any person falling in love with Sheena. Even Raj┬┤s expensive offer seems ridiculous. You would think things would get interesting after the murder when the film becomes a who dun nit, but Ananth lets the story unfold at a leisurely pace. This means that the mystery unravels slowly but surely and the identity of the killer is no surprise. Some of the dialogues are hilariously ludicrous. Luckily Himesh Reshammiya has offered a killer score. The songs are still going strong and have been picturised nicely. Soniye, Lagi Lagi Lagi and Jhalak Dikhalaja are the picks of the lot.

Acting doesn┬┤t help elevate the film at all. Emraan Hashmi has done this role in almost all of his previous films. At this point, the lover boy act seems like an extension of Emraan┬┤s real life persona. He┬┤s good at smirking and kissing, and that┬┤s about it. Emraan should try to diversify his resume and focus on his facial expressions when he is dancing. Udita Goswami has really fallen since making her debut in Paap. In her first film she was beautiful and charming. In Aksar she is photographed in the most unflattering light at times, and her styling needs work. Her character is loud and abrasive, and Udita hams her way through the film, almost making this into a comedy. Dino Morea looks like a cool dude who walked out of a fashion magazine and that is all you can say about his performance. Rajat Bedi is passable as the cop and Tara Sharma is horrible as ever in a small but important role.

Aksar is a decent one time watch and a textbook on how not to make a movie. While some will find it watchable most will find this a waste of time and money. You won┬┤t go through the pain of re-watching this disaster. To hear that it┬┤s the first in a trilogy is even more disheartening. Save for an excellent music score, this movie has nothing going for it.

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