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Producer: Kumar Mangat and Sunil Lulla
Director: Rohit Shetty
Starring: Ajay Devgan, Arshad Warsi, Ayesha Takia, Irrfan Khan, Anjana Sukhani, Mukesh Tiwari
Music: Sandeep Chowta, Daler Mehndi, Raghav Sachar, Shibani Kashyap, Amar Mohile,Suroor
Lyrics: Farhad, Sajid, Kamran Bari, Daler Mehndi, Virag Mishra, Aditya Dhar
Singers: Daler Mehdi, Mahua Kamat, Suraj, Earl, Kamran Bari, Mohammed Ali, Sunidhi Chauhan, Shibani Kashyap, Joy, Clinton Cerejo
Audio On: Eros Music    Number of Songs: 9
Album Released on: 27 December 2007
Reviewed by: Gianysh Toolsee  - Rating: 7.5 / 10
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Daler Mehndi. Sandeep Chowta. Raghav Sachar. Shibani Kashyap. Suroor. Amar Mohile.

Those names are enough to sell a soundtrack, so let’s get into it straightaway!

Daler Mehndi and Sunidhi Chauhan form an electrifying combo in ‘Loot Liya' – which is basically a Daler Mehndi number and is quite situational. Sunidhi Chauhan, even in her few lines impresses in her rendition. The music is not as fast-paced as his earlier numbers and is quite plain in its orchestration. He plays with the words ‘Loot’ several times in the song – the usual style as they like it! Overall, it’s a fun number with lots of dhol beats and ‘Mehndi’ music for fans!

“Sunday” and “chill-out” rhyme so well when put together and same can be said about the track ‘Missing Sunday’. Sandeep Chowta definitely knows what it feels to miss a Sunday and a laid-back approach is used for this relaxing and fully chill-out piece. It opens up with a weird musical piece. Bizarre. Moving at snail pace, the song maintains a low tempo till the end. Mahua Kamat does not exert much pressure on her vocals. Suraj – who sounds or tend to sound like Adnan Sami, goes the opposite way. Rap portions are cleverly assured by Earl. Chowta’s influences of jazz music are present all over – including the guitar riffs. Farhad-Sajid does a fine job with the light words penned. A totally fresh track not to be missed!

Now this is not bizarre. The weird musical piece has been deleted in ‘Missing Sunday (Remix)’. And what an amazing prelude has been included! The synchronization, orchestration and instrumentation of these few middle octave notes in the prelude are fabulously arranged and are used in the interludes further. Chowta has replaced the jazz effect with more hip-pop elements with strong hooks, innovative keyboard sounds and creative interludes. The mixing is pulsating with Earl adding more value to the newly inserted rap portions – which musically blend better with the new sound structure. An addictive Sami-Chowta remix!

The man behind last year’s popular soundtrack of ‘Kabul Express’; Raghav Sachar composes the best track - ‘Manzar’. The piece is in a league of its own and scores the highest marks in singing, electronic mastering and mixing and orchestral approach. The soft addictive tune he has composed takes both an ambient and rock dimension in the same time frame.

Opening with a female chorus followed by some rap portions, the track waits no time to explode! The rock guitar sound strikes right through after and loads of zingy sounds just penetrate in, including hands clapping and whistling. Raghav Sachar makes a fantastic entry and there is a great deal of emphasis on the vocal trance. On top of that, the twist in the first part of the song – where he goes high pitch, is totally unexpected. Lyrics by Aditya Dhar are adequate. The use of the saxophone near the end of the piece, is an icing on the cake! The track calls out for a techno remix – which is surprisingly not included!

A dark atmospheric feel prevails in Shibani Kashyap’s ‘Kashmakash' – especially in the first part of the piece, where the music slowly builds up and then explodes. The composition and rendition by Shibani Kashyap are quite surprisingly average. The number opens with a beautiful saxophone piece and then transcends into a more obscure and mysterious music. However, the repeated ‘Kya Kashmakash Hai Yeh’ totally dissolves the suspense feel firstly created at the start. The composer likes to venture and to explore such territory while with lyricist Virag Mishra – who enjoys writing new age thoughts, could have done better. All is not gone as it makes an excellent piece to remix as the other version does not need to include the suspense sequence.

And this is exactly what ‘Kashmakash' (Remix) by DJ Suketu is all about! Increasing the tempo is the first right step towards making it a more enjoyable ambient track. Interestingly, the remixed version turns out to be much better than the original version, with Shibani Kashyap’s sexy vocals on the top of a great electro beat.

The message in ‘Pyar To Hona Hi Hai' is beautiful and simple. This same love, dedication and passion are used for this composition. Pakistani band, ‘Suroor’ delivers an incredible freshness in their solo contribution. The striking aspect of the piece is that both Mohammed Ali and Kamran Bari (who also happens to be the lyricist) form a wonderful duo and are in sync with the rendition, complementing each other. The main singer’s voice displays an astounding depth, with a clear voice quality.

A plethora of instruments are used to support these voices. Bring on the solo violin, synthesizers and guitars, which are all played with vivid energy and talent. A strong moment of peace is felt in the first and only interlude. The ‘band’ sound is also omnipresent in the background with the bass, drums and strong percussions.

‘Pyar To Hona Hi Hai' (Remix) has a trance feel to it with groovy beats. Vocal trance is getting very popular with the soundtrack and same is fully applied here. The remixing has been properly done as it still conserves the distinct tune and freshness of the original.

The ‘Sunday Theme’ is very acoustic with a strong rock background, supported by beats at selected places. Clint Cerejo and Joy are efficient in their parts. Amar Mohile’s composition is good in general and one hopes that the picturization does not spoil the work of everyone involved in this piece.

Talents like Raghav Sachar and Sandeep Chowta have combined rich vocals with tweaked electronica, jazz and ambient vibes. Shibani Kashyap is sure to create more ‘new age meets world music’ with more punch including her ethereal electronic vibes and new wave synth-psychotics sounds, along with the talented Virag Mishra. Band Suroor has surprised all with its contribution, including the simple lyrics and enhancements to the instruments. Daler Mehndi’s number contributes to the Indianess of the soundtrack, if looked in another angle. From an artistic point of view, even Mohile’s orchestrated piece stands out.

Rohit Shetty (Zameen, Golmaal) should be satisfied with such a diverse soundtrack – as all the composers have given their best to each of the tracks and each of the individual tracks will get the attention they deserve. The music of ‘Sunday’ comes under the category of Hindi Pop and does not sound ‘Bollywood’ as there are no routine item numbers or love duets. The combined rhythms, electronics, strings, vocals, percussive loops, drum and bass work are sure to leave the melodies echoing in one’s mind for long!

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