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Vicky Donor
Producer: John Abraham
Director: Shoojit Sircar
Starring: Ayushmann Khurrana, Yami Gautam, Annu Kapoor
Music: Abhishek-Akshay, Donn & Bann, Rochak Kohli, Ayushmann
Lyrics: Akshay, Juhi, Kusum, Swanand, Vijay, Ayushmann
Genre: Social
Recommended Audience: General
Film Released on: 20 April 2012
Reviewed by: Afshan Shaik  - Rating: 7.0 / 10
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Public Rating Average: 5.1 / 10 (rated by 411 viewers)
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Vicky Donor. He doesn’t donate life saving blood, kidney or bone marrow; instead he gives new life by donating sperm. A fresh story giving importance to the fact that sperm donation is not an act to be ashamed of, rather it’s a noble deed that can bring happiness to so many parents devoid of kids! The concept is presented in a light breeze without burdening you with heavy emotional drama! The entire first half of the movie is filled with comedy that makes you fall off your seat. Director Shoojit Sircar and writer Juhi Chaturvedi created a total comic drama which is also heart felt and doesn’t lead to heavy bannered messages or morals but just lets people know that sperm donation and infertility treatment is not a crime.

Our hero is none other than RJ come once upon a time MTV roadie turned VJ / TV anchor Ayushmann Khurrana (not sure why there’s two ‘n’s and two ‘r’ s in the name but whoever told his prophecy must have been feeling good too as it worked well for him!). I personally always liked him whenever he anchored on TV for Wassup / India has got talent etc. He even won an award for the JUST DANCE show! He is extremely promising and being a Punjabi he looks so damn natural in the movie. Heroine Yami Gautam also seems talented and plays the role of a Bengali girl (Ashima Roy).

Both the lead actor and actress are budding talents from Chandigarh. John Abraham being a producer is definitely a novelty and adds further interest when he appears in the “Rum & Whisky” song. Not too sure how much he has succeeded as an actor but he must be very glad having taken a wise decision (to become producer).

However the backbone of the movie is Anu Kapoor who lived up to the role as Dr Chaddha and the promos showing him as a doctor treating infertility were interesting enough to pull the audience to theatres. The scene where he explains that Anshuman is Arya putr and keeps on nagging to persuade him is ultra funny. He is witty and the way he addresses each person in the film as a “Confused sperm” or “Unpredictable sperm” leaving you with wide smiles all round!

Ayushmann’s mom and grandmom play equal roles in adding entertainment. Their’s is a typical Punjabi family who love themselves more than anyone else and the atmosphere in Dolly’s parlor and Ayushmann assisting his mom is all natural, the scene you come across in any North Indian (Punjabi) beauty parlor! Dolly and her modern mother-in-law gulping down “n” number of pegs to forget their miseries is also fun to watch. The first half of the movie leaves you in splits. The highlight is the wedding scene where sophisticated, modern and calm Bengali Ashima marries Vicky Arora from a noisy ruckus creating Punjabi family. The milaap is interesting with the “Rum & Whisky” song in the background and where two families gel well.

After Intermission the movie slows down a little but since you are already in full flow with the characters, story and quirky sensible dialogues you don’t get bored. The movie doesn’t harass you with loads of tears but even the slightest emotion shown in the movie gets heavy due to the humor throughout! Finally as the movie ends it was odd to see Ayushmann and his stern face and tears- a fun and frolic character all of a sudden shedding tears was funny or rather he needs more practice. However, by the end of the movie the overriding feeling you get is one of watching this actor again in a much fresher avatar and without being the sticky stereotype. The lady Yami is pretty with beautiful eyes and smile and acts well too so you can expect to see her around.

A special mention to the music which is another highlight of the movie. “Pani Da Rang” sung by Ayushmann is a standout track but I personally start tapping my feet to “Rum & Whisky”! Thankfully there’s no vulgarity or obscenity so you all can watch it along with family. Kudos to shoojit and Juhi for showing this bold concept in a light and breezy way. So folks enjoy this “Entertaining Sperm”!

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