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God Tussi Great Ho
Producer: Afzal Khan
Director: Rumi Jaffery
Starring: Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Manisha Koirala, Sohail Khan, Satish Kaushik, Anumpan Kher, Dilip Tahil, Sanjay Mishra, Beena Kak
Music: Sajid-Wajid
Lyrics: Jalees Sherwani, Shabbir Ahmed, Sajid Farhad, Deven Shukla
Genre: Comedy
Recommended Audience: Parental Guidance
Approximate Running Time: 2 hs. 30 min
Film Released on: 15 August 2008
Reviewed by: Shruti Bhasin  - Rating: 5.5 / 10
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Public Rating Average: 5.11 / 10 (rated by 410 viewers)
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Salman Khan is the ultimate cool dude. He can work in an inane film and still make it worth watching, at least once. Unfortunately, “God Tussi Great Ho” is not so great…it’s tedious, thanks to mediocre storytelling by Rumi Jaffrey. In the past, this writer has scripted some funny films with David Dhawan, only to now come on his own and sound like a preacher. Moreover, he was inspired from the annoying Hollywood film, “Bruce Almighty”, about a man that becomes God for a few days and deals with the consequences. Claims that both movies are not similar are quite ridiculous, but let’s take a look at the story anyway.

Arun Prajapati, aka AP, (Salman Khan) works in a TV station and has very bad luck. He curses the sky every time something goes wrong. Yes, we’ve all done that, but this man excessively blames God for all his problems. He has a failed TV show, he is afraid to tell his co-worker Alia (Priyanka Chopra) that he loves her, his sister is unmarried, his father is a cranky man, you get the picture that he’s got issues.

AP gets another chance with his boss (Dalip Tahil) to create a new show. Things go sour for him after a popular star Rocky (Sohail Khan) arrives at the station and tries to ruin AP in all his attempts to woo Priyanka and be successful at work. God (Amitabh Bachchan) finally intervenes and grants a bitter AP all his powers for 10 days and the imperative to do a better job of running a complicated universe. Of course, AP cleans up his life, but he makes a few faults along the way that he must rectify. Does AP live the perfect life as he always desired?

The story begins slowly, then picks up speed near the interval, then falls flat in the second half. As God, one would want to fix the world, no? Actually, it’s the screenplay that needs fixing. Direction is not solid and the pacing would be faster by the removal of filler songs like “Let’s Party”.

The film is worth your time if you are a big fan of Salman Khan. He’s goofy (in his bizarre shirts) and cute as Arun, so you feel sorry for him as he portrays his lacklustre character to the best of his ability. Unfortunately, Amitabh doesn’t add any punch as God. The interactions between God and AP seem quick and sloppy, even the visual effects are disappointing. Priyanka Chopra is wasted into the background. Sohail Khan portrays the same adversarial role as in Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya to his brother. I’ll give thumbs up to Anupum Kher, who was pretty funny with his nagging, as AP’s father.

“God Tussi Great Ho” has very few interesting sequences, but overall, the movie has many flaws and the drama at the end is predictable. Yes, humans are a selfish species and the movie portrays everyone in a shallow way if we were to have God’s power for even one day. Complaining to God or getting what you want is not going to solve anything, and watching this movie for over two and a half hours won’t help you to be a better person.

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