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Table 21
Producer: Vicky Rajani Sunil Lulla
Director: Aditya Datt
Starring: Paresh Rawal, Tena Desae, Rajeev Khandelwal
Music: Gajendra Verma
Lyrics: Gajendra Verma and Aseem Ahmed Abbasee
Singers: Gajendra Verma, Puja Thaker, Neeraj and Jaspreet Jazz
Audio On: Eros Music    Number of Songs: 5
Album Released on: December 2012
Reviewed by: Atta Khan  - Rating: 5.5 / 10
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Public Rating Average: 5.11 / 10 (rated by 410 listeners)
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It’s always good to see producers venture into the unknown to give their films some fresh music particularly if that is to support a non-music based film like the forthcoming thriller Table 21. Gajendra Verma is a fresh face with only a handful of songs but his talent has clearly been spotted because he’s picked to compose two of the songs here plus two remixes. The final title song is composed by Sachin Gupta. How does the young talent perform?

“O Sajna” features a simple romantic duet by Puja Thaker and Gajendra. Starting with the piano, Gajendra adds a soft beat and strings to give the song a solid melody and the end result is promising although it still feels very much like an Indie pop song rather than a Bollywood tune. This isn’t a criticism but there is a fine line between the two and they are not always interchangeable. Singing is the highlight with Puja’s “O Sajna Aaja Ve” very effective. Lyrics by Aseem Ahmed Abbasee and Gajendra Verma are strictly ok.

“Mann Mera” is actually a remake of Gajendra’s personal solo song by the same name. Featuring a fab guitar by Rahul Singh this song oozes melody from start to end and will have you jumping for the repeat button! The somewhat raw music of the original has been superimposed with modern instruments and the effect is breezy and classy. Gajendra’s vocals are superbly controlled but we already knew that from the original and the lyrics by Aseem Ahmed Abbasee are about as romantic as they come. Grab this one instantly!

“If You Lie You Die” is the customary theme song for the film so it works better on screen. Composed by Sachin Gupta, this is sung by Neeraj and Jaspreet with lyrics by Sheershack Anand and Jaspreet Jazz. Check it out in the film.

The soundtrack ends with some neat remixes so give them a try. Overall the soundtrack should be a treat for the film particularly given that music is not expected to play any major part. Gajendra Verma’s talents are best heard in “Mann Mera” which stands out by a country mile and is worth adding to your playlist for sure. And if you haven't heard his original then check it out as the music is even better! Let’s hope this pushes him to do compose more quality music in the future or opens doors to a career as playback singer for other established composers. His voice is fab!

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