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Producer: Mukesh Bhatt
Director: Hasnain Raksha
Starring: Adhyayan Suman, 
Anjana Sukhani, 
Shahana Goswami, 
Humayun Saeed
Music: Sharib-Toshi, Nouman Javaid
Lyrics: Kumaar
, Nouman Javaid
, Nilesh Mishra
Singers: K.K, 
Shreya Ghoshal, 
Nouman Javaid, 
Toshi Sabri, 
Sharib Sabri
Audio On: T-Series    Number of Songs: 9
Album Released on: 12 June 2009
Reviewed by: Atta Khan  - Rating: 7.5 / 10
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Public Rating Average: 5.11 / 10 (rated by 410 listeners)
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Jashnn is easily one of the most eagerly awaited soundtracks of 2009. Not least because it’s a Bhatt soundtrack but this time the main reason is due to the fact that it’s the debut soundtrack of relatively new composers, Sharib Toshi. The talented duo are real life brothers (Sharib Sabri and Toshi Sabri) trying to make it big on the Hindi music scene having already become an overnight sensation with their superhit number “Maahi” for the Bhatt’s last movie Raaz TMC. So impressed was Mukesh Bhatt with that composition that he immediately pencilled them in for their next movie which happens to be the musically founded Jashnn starring Adhyayan Suman as a rock-star singer to be…

Now expectations have heightened even more because of Mukesh Bhatt’s recent comments comparing Jashnn to Vishesh Films very own Aashiqui (1990) composed by the then newcoming duo Nadeem Shravan (Bhatt believes Jashnn is the best 'Bhatt' soundtrack since Aashiqui). Needless to say Aashiqui became the best selling Hindi soundtrack of all time and rightly considered by many to be one of the best (Hindi) soundtracks of all time. Such comparisons are consequently unnecessary but maybe that’s a good way to promote a soundtrack? Whilst Maahi was a successful track, it’s a completely different challenge when you have to create numerous tracks on a consistently high (quality) level. Can the talented duo pull off the impossible? Let’s find out…

Nazrein Karam is a simple, all out dance track to open the soundtrack and it works well for the on screen singer-to-be (Adhyayan Suman). It succeeds with its intended impact much like Aayo Re does later on with it’s high energy levels, decibel levels and pace, this is all about getting your feet tapping in more ways than one! It’s still weak from an auditory perspective however because the arrangements are nothing new or fresh from what we have all heard before. Nevertheless K.K. deserves some kudos for his singing along with Shreya Ghoshal. Lyrics are weak though. Note the Kilogram Mix later in the soundtrack is quite enjoyable and will be a hit in dance clubs and parties…NOT BAD!

The lyrics for Aaya Re suggests it is the typical introductory song for a protagonist singer-to-be… The breezy soft rock music is fun particularly on first listen and undoubtedly helped by K.K’s powerful vocals but in all honesty, it leaves you unconvinced and disappointed due to its limited replay value. In fact, you can hear the crowd shouting “SHARIB TOSHI …MUST DO BETTER”….

And they do exactly that with a stunning track called Dard-E-Tanhai which is easily the best song from Jashnn and one of the highlights of 2009. Right from the start, the sombre tone ushers a touch of class and embodies the hallmarks of a chart-buster in the making; melodically strong musical arrangements (particularly the piano, guitar and percussion), fantastic vocals by Nouman Javaid and equally powerful lyrics (by Nouman)….Sharib-Toshi have produced a notable track which has the potential of remaining on your playlist for some time to come. In fact it could only be enhanced with a remix version. And thankfully, that comes later in the form of the Kilogram Mix which is equally mesmerising. Dard-E-Tanhai is AWESOME PERSONIFIED! (EDITOR'S NOTE: THIS TRACK IS COMPOSED BY PAKISTANI ARTIST NOUMAN JAVAID AND NOT SHARIB TOSHI).

Nouman Javaid was the highlight of Dard-E-Tanhai and his talents are only further enhanced in Main Chala which is equally rich in the singing and lyrics department. Musically, Sharib-Toshi provide a fairly pure platform with only a piano and an acoustic guitar used to soothe your soul. The occasional harmonica play is sheer blissful and a nice touch to a very enjoyable track. Main Chala Unplugged is a short rendezvous. IMPRESSIVE STUFF! (EDITOR'S NOTE: THIS TRACK IS COMPOSED BY PAKISTANI ARTIST NOUMAN JAVAID AND NOT SHARIB TOSHI).

Tere Bin is arguably the weakest track from Jashnn as it brings nothing fresh to the romance genre. In fact, it probably won’t feature in your playlist after the first listen such is the nature of the mundane arrangements. Singing by Shaan and Shreya Ghoshal works well but lyrics are another huge letdown and overall the outcome is a forgettable listening experience. Sharib-Toshi clearly need to work on this genre for future soundtracks. WEAK OUTING!

Thankfully the duo end on a high note. The combination of a superb melody and some fine vocals by the Sabri brothers make Aish Karle an extremely addictive rock tune that should become a firm favourite after a few listens. The lyrics are pretty mindless but when the music is this attractive, who cares? Just turn up for an ADDICTIVE ONSLAUGHT!

To answer the earlier question, the music of Jashnn is in no way comparable to the near faultless, boundary pushing musical production that was Aashiqui (1990). It’s certainly good but the harsh truth is that it also fails to live up to its own expectations and could and should have been so much better, particularly for a “debut” soundtrack. That said there are a few potentially chart busting numbers here particularly Dard-E-Tanhai and Nazrein Karam…other melodies sound borrowed from past Bhatt movies and are hence not strictly “fresh” or particularly innovative.

That’s not taking anything from Sharib-Toshi who have done the Bhatts proud and further demonstrate their exciting potential. In doing so they also break the shackles from the current crop of extremely mediocre soundtracks (a general trend in 2009 it appears) bringing a much needed boost to the music scene in the process. Consequently Jashnn comes highly recommended for starved music fans. One of the best OSTs of 2009 so ENJOY!

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