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Acid Factory
Producer: Sanjay Gupta
Director: Suparn Verma
Starring: Fardeen Khan, Dia Mirza, Irrfan Khan, Manoj Bajpai, Dino Morea, Aftab Shivdasani, Danny Denzongpa
Music: Shamir Tandon, Bappa Lahiri, Gourav Dasgupta, Manasi Scott , Ranjit Barot
Lyrics: Virag Mishra, Manasi Scott, Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singers: Anchal Datta Bhatia, Raaj, Manasi Scott, Ranjit Barot, Jojo, Saptak Bhattacharjee, Shweta Vijay, Vasundhara Das
Audio On: Junglee Music    Number of Songs: 9
Album Released on: 18 September 2009
Reviewed by: Gianysh Toolsee  - Rating: 7.0 / 10
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Public Rating Average: 5.11 / 10 (rated by 410 listeners)
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White Feather Films’ soundtracks are well ahead of its times, not because of their sounds, but due to the special treatment they receive in the hands of multiple composers. The production company is fast becoming a brand which asks for a sombre, obscure and a noir style of music to suit their scripts. Sometimes the music can be infectious and abstract. What matters is that the songs shifts into the hard techno, techno, trance, industrial, new age, lounge and pop genres and offers variety to listeners.

Yeh Jism gets the festivities off to a lounge start, with Raaj (sounding very similar to K.K) elevating the piece at the beginning of the soundtrack. Tuned to music by Shamir Tandon, it is Anchal Datta Bhatia’s mid-way entry which sets the atmospheric feel. In a matter of seconds, the track changes genre from lounge to trance, and is further consolidated by the emerging techno sounds in the background. It gets more exciting by the pumping beats, the echoed ‘Yeh Jism’ and the swift guitar acoustics. After a slow start in the lower octave by Raaj, one does not expect the infiltration of swirling and atmospheric synths. Anchal Datta Bhatia, who is becoming a specialist in tackling such tracks; ‘Dus’ from Dus Kahaniyaan, is instrumental in the song as she provides the female quotient. The voice perfectly fits into the right sequence of composition and sets an intriguing mood to this soundtrack. Shamir Tandon’s tune is extremely well composed and with the aid of programmer Abhijit Vaghani, here we have one of the most intense productions this year.

Combined with breakbeats and dub effects, Yeh Jism (Club Mix) is electrifying to the core. Remixed by the established duo DJ Nawed and Nikhil Chinapa, the track is spectacular. Anchal Datta Bhatia’s entry again boosts the remixing value. This is an exquisite trip to dance music, with a mix of hard techno, trance, and European pop and get ready for a fast and entertaining ride. ‘Yeh Jism (Club Mix)’ has the potential to become a definite rage on dance floors! Full credit goes DJ Nawed and Nikhil Chinapa, Zoheb Khan (arranger) and Shamir Tandon.

The next offering Khatti Meethi, composed, written and sung by Manasi Scott is a short and peppy track, which could have been better. The highlight is the clear controlled voice of the singer, which ironically, was not properly used by her to benefit the track! The jarred tune restricts this light composition to develop and flourish, and these results in a not-so interesting listen. It seems that the same verses are repeated over again. In addition, the track sounds more like a pop song created for albums. Even the interludes are weak, while the arrangements (Ishq Bector) are strictly okay.

Among so many oldies, why did they choose the classic Jab Andhera Hota Hai from Raja Rani (1973), originally composed by R.D Burman? The intention and execution is honest. However, the recreation by Gourav Dasgupta fails to click, not because of his efforts, but because of the wrong choice of the song. ‘Jab Andhera Hota Hai’ has a mukhda and antara that do not exactly match the criteria for a recreation. This is why even though the programming is top-notch; the song is the wrong fit. Still the work of Gourav Dasgupta needs a mention as the inclusions of the beats are wonderfully done and he provides pumping electronica sounds. Keeping the original music at the start, Gourav Dasgupta succeeds with merging it into contemporary music. Rendered by Anchal Datta Bhatia, Saptak Bhattacharjee and Shweta Vijay, the performances are alright.

Jab Andhera Hota Hai (Remix) by Gourav Dasgupta, with Anchal Datta Bhatia and Jojo suffers the similar fate as the original! Bad move indeed to remix this track.

Running over four minutes, the Bappa Lahiri’s composed Kone Kone Mein is a more interesting fare with a heavy reliance on the obscure music. The choice of Vasundhara Das turns out to be the best. She essays the mysterious voice and is in synch with the deep atmospheric sound, which has been prevailing in the soundtrack. This piece can be categorized as a hypnotic ride, with an excellent sequencing and programming. Don’t miss the second interlude, which delves deep into the genre. The experience with the laid-back music which Bappa Lahiri presents us is engaging and overall, it is a neat track. Bappa Lahiri scores another time this year after the rhythmic ‘Dhun Lagi’ from Jai Veeru.

Kone Kone Mein (Lounge Kilogram Mix) by Kilogram K & G is a cutting edge remix and retains the obscure feel, with a clever packaging of the beats, tempo and sythns.

Equally exciting as ‘Yeh Jism’, Raftaar is another hard-techno influenced track composed by Shamir Tandon. The explosive duo, Anchal Datta Bhatia and Raaj are teamed again for this synthesizers-packed track. The influx of F1 car racing sound effects, along with the galloping beats in the background, are further enhanced by the thrilling mixing and mastering by K.J Singh. Shamir Tandon brings the more aggressive voice of Anchal Datta Bhatia on the menu, which was earlier heard in Woodstock Villa’s ‘Dhoka’. Raaj is relegated to the backseat; with ‘Raftaar Yeh Zindagi’ as the only lines. Lyrics by Virag Mishra are apt for this situation. ’Raftaar’ is more of situational track with excellent production values.

Long time programmer of Anu Malik and music director Ranjit Barot’s English song Nothing Else Will Do (as Bonus Scorpio Track) is average and doesn’t register any impact. The singing is rushed, although the rock influence is aggressively displayed. One expects more from him, after the recent outing in Sankat City especially with ‘Mister Hua Hai Aisa Hal Kyun’, and the unnoticed Holiday.

White Feather Films' Acid Factory is a satisfactory experience with a range of genres, singers and music directors. Dus Kahaniyaan, Woodstock Villa, Mission Istanbul and Acid Factory carry the same music genres, party-ready remixes and amazing sounds. It’s the only production house out there really experimenting with new sounds and trying out-of-the-box music concepts. The lyrics do not take the forefront here and predictably, the sounds have. An interesting view is that even though the movie has six male stars and only one female lead, it is the female voices which dominate the soundtrack. Anchal Datta Bhatia receives two good songs and delivers, while Vasundhara Das’s new avatar is revealed. ‘Yeh Jism’, ‘Kone Kone Mein’ and ‘Raftaar’ are the best picks!

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