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Main Aurr Mrs Khanna
Producer: Ronnie Screwvala, Sohail Khan
Director: Prem R. Soni
Starring: Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Sohail Khan
Music: Sajid-Wajid
Lyrics: Jalees Sherwani, Junaid Wasi, Arun Bhairav
Singers: Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghosal, Suzanne D Mello, Wajid, Sunidhi Chauhan, Raja Mushtaq, Uvie, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Bappi Lahiri, Shaan, Neuman Pinto
Audio On: T-Series    Number of Songs: 8
Album Released on: 08 September 2009
Reviewed by: Ankit Ojha  - Rating: 7.0 / 10
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Public Rating Average: 5.11 / 10 (rated by 410 listeners)
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Sajid Ali and Wajid Ali are back after a short break post Wanted for yet another Salman Khan flick, namely Main Aurr Mrs Khanna, a romantic comedy co-starring Sohail Khan and Kareena Kapoor and directed by Prem Soni. And considering most of the duo’s efforts in Salman Khan’s flicks have been average (save for the upbeat Partner and the variety in Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, both David Dhawan films) at best, with even Wanted being mixed bag with a few tracks sounding good on a standalone basis, and a few making an impact on screen, the listener wonders if Sajid and Wajid will deliver a bona fide musical hit this time.

And guess what? They deliver a marvelous soundtrack with a variety of genres packed into a single eight-track album (with the list of eight tracks including two really impressive remixes), which might send fans of Salman Khan into mad frenzies (considering the fact that three consecutive soundtracks have been released so far in two consecutive months, including Wanted, and London Dreams other than this soundtrack).

The soundtrack boasts of a perfect opener with Don’t Say Alvida, a breezy romantic number that has the term HIT written all over it. Urdu-based lyrics (written by Junaid Wasi) that boast of an old-world nineties feel, coupled with beautiful music that boast of this strong “all-time-favorite” allure that even the listener of today cannot resist – such is the effect of the song. The soft desi dholak, with a fading background pad, along with synthesizers put on reverb, and Sonu Nigam’s fantabulous vocals make this a stunning number. Add to this combination Shreya Ghoshal, and we have a sure-shot winner that will floor the listeners and change their mind about Sajid-Wajid and their déjà vu music.

Don’t Say Alvida (Sad) is short, but the emotions Shreya Ghoshal pitches in with her vocals will floor you and make a softhearted listener shed a few tears!

The song will floor you so much that once you discover that there is a remix for it, you will be annoyed. But a few seconds into Don’t Say Alvida (Remix) by DJ A-Myth, you realize that this isn’t your regular dhinchak club mix. The ‘lounge’ element very much speaks a lot about the remix, which only places the song in an ‘urban setting’ for recollection and repeat value, as also making the song more popular among the urban audience. The people in love with the original will not hate this one; in fact, they will end up wholeheartedly accepting the new, hip pop feel which the remix provides, thereby actually making them love the song even more.

Speaking of the end of déjà vu, when it makes a sudden entry with Happening, a number true to its title considering its chartbusting status – yes! It’s a sure-shot chartbuster, though listeners get the queer feeling that this is another ‘Kajraa Re’ (Bunty Aur Babli), though they really won’t mind, the reason being that there is this energetic, foot tapping feel to it that is completely irresistible and will generate a lot of takers. Sunidhi Chauhan is at her energetic best, and Wajid (who doesn’t mind relegating himself to the backseat in this one) supports her amply. Lyrics are apt, which is why Jalees Shrewani does a good enough job in penning this track, though they aren’t really impressive when viewed from a practical perspective. However, it’s the energy of the song that infects you in the end, and you just want to dance to the track!

PUMP IT UP! That’s what Happening (Remix) by DJ A-Myth tells us to do. A fun remix, this one literally pumps things up, and stands on really well with the original as far as shelf-life is concerned. Play it loud!

Darn! How many times has the word Rabba been used in the songs of the past? Don’t the lyricists get bored? Anyway, this Jalees Sherwani written track ventures into the dangerous territory of been-there-done-that, which the listener might not get comfy with, considering there have been a gazillion better moody songs that have always had the word ‘Rabba’ getting interjected like it is the ultimate in sadness. The lyrics, speaking about the wrong turns made in life and the mistakes which result into bigger consequences, are so déjà vu (a very similar lyrical theme to ‘Tanhayee’ from Dil Chahta Hai). Even the music doesn’t save the song from being a letdown in terms of shelf-life and chartbusters, which is why Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is forcefully put on the backburner on this one, despite trying hard to give the song his trademark ‘punch’. A situational track that is a major letdown in the album so far, it is only to be seen if the track succeeds in melting hearts on screen!

Redemption though comes back with a bang – and what a big bang! Wajid comes behind the mike to give his best vocal rendition so far with Tum Ne Socha, and when paired up with Shreya Ghoshal, nothing can ever go wrong – and it doesn’t! The track has a complete pop/soft rock feel to it, and you will feel elated from the first playing second itself! Shreya Ghoshal is not just paired with Wajid this time – she equals him in every aspect, be it the singing or the space she is given. Arun Bhairav’s lyrics play around with the imagination and ask us what would happen if your loved one really did something that would shock you. Overall, a song that deserves as many listens as the listener would want to – as this one is an addictive delight that is a winner all the way!

Mrs. Khanna – David Dhawan soundtrack meets Shankar, Ehsaan Loy’s ‘Pretty Woman’ from Kal Ho Naa Ho? Oh well, at the end of the first listen, the only two images I conjured up in my mind were the posters of Coolie No.1 and Kal Ho Naa Ho. In an attempt to find out why, I discovered that this track has a connection – a David Dhawan feel, with a déjà vu of Shankar, Ehsaan & Loy’s ‘Pretty Woman’ included in the mix. The lyrics by Jalees Sherwani are no great shakes, but really, the song is enjoyable, what with this really good mix of singers in this one song – Shaan being the pick of the lot. The others, namely Sunidhi Chauhan, Bappi Lahiri, Neuman Pinto and Suzanne D Mello give ample support. The bhangra beat (which turns out to be a constant, in-your-face reminder of 'Pretty Woman') might annoy you for a bit, but in the end, it turns out to be a fun number that one can listen to when in an upbeat mood.

So, what does one get in this album? It is this rare album that has this amazing collection of singers which will floor you – starting with Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal, all the way till Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (who turns out to be a bit of a disappointment actually), the singers are here to impress, and the music grows on you. This is good, as it is a long time after the collaboration of Partner that Sajid-Wajid have made a ‘complete’ album which leaves you satisfied by the end of the playlist. An album that is a must-keep in your collection if you like a variety of genres!

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