Humse Badhkar Kaun

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Producer: Shyam Bajaj
Director: Deepak Anand
Music:Viju Shah
Lyrics: Faaiz Anwar

Reviewed by: Mandeep Bahra

Remember the words of Gloria Estefan, "..the rhythm is gonna get you..."? Well, that's certainly true of Viju Shah's music. The songs of HUMSE BADHKAR KAUN may not be instantly appealing but after a few listenings you'll be hooked!

"Line Marle Re Baba" is a 'tapori' number sung well by Udit Narayan. The rhythm resembles that of "Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast", but the resemblance stops there, making this song unique in its own right, (not to mention enjoyable).

"Tera Chand Sa Chehra" sounds like something Viju's father-uncle partnership (Kalyanji-Anandji) would have composed. Vinod Rathod impresses in this upbeat, semi-nostalgic song, with Sapna Mukherjee providing adequate backing vocals. This song gradually grows on you and eventually has you tapping your feet to the funky beat!

Next there is a drunken buddy-buddy song, "Pee Pee Ke Jee" by Udit Narayan and Abhijeet. Both singers do a good job with the 'blues' type song and the result is worth a rewind.

With a title such as, "Chat Mangni Pat Byaha" one might have expected a 'wedding' song. However, this is an energetic, fast rock 'n roll number that finds Udit Narayan, Abhijeet and Kavita Krishnamurthy in good form! This one takes a bit of getting used to but stick with it and it will win you over!

The skillful (but criminally ignored) Sadhana Sargam joins Udit Narayan for a romantic duet, "Teri Zulfo Mein". This song is easy on the ears, has some great singing and above average lyrics.

This film stars Sunil Shetty, Saif Ali Khan, Sonali Bendre and Deepti Bhatnagar, and so there has to be the obligatory 'foursome' song! In this soundtrack it comes in the form of "Suit Boot Pahno Ya Kurta Dhoti", sung by Vinod Rathod, Udit Narayan, Kavita Krishnamurthy and Sapna Mukherjee. The song has lively music arrangements and good singing but pales in comparison to the rest of the album.

HUMSE BADHKAR KAUN is advertised as "The Entertainer". If this turns out to be true and the songs are picturised well, this soundtrack may climb the charts and stay there for quite a while.

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