Jahan Tum Le Chalo

out of

Producer: Dr. Anil K. Mehta
Director: Desh Deepak
Music: Vishal

Reviewed by Sunder

The goods continue from the Vishal-Gulzar combination. Jahan Tum Le Chalo stands upto the lofty standards set by Maachis, Chachi 420, and Satya. Even if it may not have the best numbers from this duo, this album put together is very comparable to each of their previous ones. Credit it to Gulzar for wonderful lyrics or Vishal for skillful orchestration and easy tunes, every song has its unique charm. Vishal continues to get the best out of his vocalists as his regulars Hariharan, Suresh Wadkar, Lata, and Rekha (previously heard in Chachi 420) come up with sure winners. To top it, Gary Lawyer does a pleasant English romantic number "Your Face" to add value to this album. The only mediocre score in the album is the theme score composed by Vishal's keyboardist Jackie Vanjari with background vocals by Rekha.

The solo song "Ye Kaisi Chaap" by Rekha has an easy tune with thoughtful lyrics as one would expect of Gulzar. It sounds similar to "Ek Woh Din Bhi Hai" from Chachi 420 in mood and sound. The words explore the sounds of footsteps as they play in the mind in moments of waiting. In another solo, Lata explores the option of dreams in "Shouk Khwab Ka Hai Aur Neend Aaye Na". Lyrics again, are like any such Gulzar song with the music in synch. However, the song does not measure to other Lata numbers we have heard from the Vishal-Gulzar stable.

The album really lives in the three male solos, one by Hariharan and two by Suresh Wadkar. Both singers revel to wonderful tunes and raise the brilliant lyrics to further meaning. "Dekho To Aasmaan Taaron Se Bhar Gaya" is a soft romantic song, rendered most competently by Suresh Wadkar. He gets even better with the rhythmic "Thak Gayi Ho To Suno". This song has a comforting mood, conveyed exceedingly well by Wadkar's soft vocals. The lyrics and tune in this song blend to perfection. But if I must pick the winner from this album, it would the Hariharan solo "Atthanni Si Zindagi". Those words would suggest correctly that this perhaps has the most abstract lyrics, and set to a nice beat, this song simply rocks. It is a pity that the song is under four minutes long, but Hariharan sounds different and great. This should perhaps count as among the best Gulzar-Vishal numbers till date, and we can only hope that this team continues to deliver such winners.

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