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Producer: Rakesh Nath
Music: Nadeem Shravan
Lyrics: Sameer & Reema Rakesh Nath

Contributed by Mandeep Bahra

The magnificent Kavita Krishnamurthy is the star of this album! She really impresses in the energetic dance track, 'Meri Jaane Jaana' with the irrepressable Abhijeet! The track is so ear-friendly that you almost forget that its a copy of 'Don't Break My Heart' by British band, Stereo Nation! By the way, it was a mistake to get the thickly accented Abhijeet to mouth the phrase, "Oh Baby, Don't Break My Heart", but he's joined by the chorus who lower the cringe factor a little.

Kavita positively shines again in 'Chori Chori Chhupe Chhupe'. This song appears in two versions, one has a strong Indian flavour to it while the other is more western orientated. Kavita plays the '90's woman (Madhuri) and dares her man to declare their love to the whole world.

'Mumbai Chi Pori' has definitely been created for a comical situation and is bound to suit Madhuri's antics on screen. Once again Kavita excels!

Udit Narayan makes a welcome appearance in the duet, 'Dil Ki Dhadkan'. This song is a typical Nadeem-Shravan love song but is pleasant all the same. Yes, Kavita makes it worth listening to once again!

Abhijeet and Kavita Team up once again for 'Main Hoon Akela' which has an Arabian touch. Sounds like Nadeem-Shravan have been taking lessons from A.R.Rahman. On the whole though, its a fairly hummable number.

'Aaina Bata Kaise' has Vinod Rathod and Sonu Nigam asking their mirrors(?) how to win their loved one's heart. I suspect both our heroes are talking about the same girl without realising it.

'Pyar Kiya Hai Chori Chori', a duet by Vinod Rathod and Kavita, reminds one of the numerous duets N-S composed during their AASHIQUI/SAAJAN days. The song is neither special nor offensive, just okay.

Finally, there's a strange track which seems to be made up of French and English lyrics. Kavita seems to have a blast while singing the number, but the music company were obviously stumped as they've credited the track as "Dance Music". This album is a good appetizer for what promises to be a good film!

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