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Producer: Mushir Riaz
Music: Anu Malik
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar

Contributed by Ali Ikram

Wow! Anu Malik is back, and boy is this album great. Teaming up probably for one of the last times with Javed Akhtar (Ishq will be their last together), Anu comes up with mind-blowing music for this Anil Kapoor starrer. It is not known whether the music has been filched from other sources, but who really cares; I have not heard it before. The first song of the album is amazing. 'Payalay Chunmun Chunmun' sung by Kumar Sanu and Chitra is really amazing. Great singing, orchestral support and a very simple village beat make the song intoxicating. The song is also presented later in a solo version by Chitra, but the duet is better.

The second song on the album is the best: 'Tare Hain Baraati Hain' is sung by Jaswinder Narula (of the amazing Judaai song from Judaai) and Kumar Sanu. Ms. Narula has an amazing pain-filled voice and if she works a bit on her Urdu pronunciation she'll be one of the best playback singers in the future. (She should definitely win the R.D. Burman Filmfare Award for best new musical artiste next year.) The chorus in this song and the other songs are also used to full advantage to give the songs a great deal of 'depth'.

The third song is 'Jaayegi Pee Ke Sang Sajke Gori' which has an amazing percussive backbeat and is sung with a great deal of pizazz by Abhijeet. Hariharan of course provides great vocals to 'Ek Aisa Tha Raja', but the annoying 'Dum Chuk Dum Chuk' interludes detracted me from calling this the best song of the album.

'Sun Mausa Sun Mausi' is an okay song sung by Vinod Rathod. I am not really an admirer of the HAHK family-based type songs, because I find lyrics to these types of songs sort of boring. But if you like those sort of songs, this one also is at least sung very well by Vinod. The last song is sung by Kavita Krishnamurthy, and honestly, I cannot remember it at all, so it probably was not that good.

Overall however, this album is amazing. Buy it people!!!!

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