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‘83 has a further fall on Tuesday (1.52 crores) when compared to Monday (2.01 crores) which further indicates that it’s on a way out sooner than later. That said, even though the decline in numbers isn’t surprising, somehow the margin could have been a little better if not for the closure of cinemas in the North belt. Since Delhi and Gurgaon cinemas have downed the shutters, the impact is being felt by the film. 

Of course, not that it would change the eventual fate of the film but that extra 10-15 crores which the film would have otherwise earned if not for the closure of cinemas will hurt the makers who had pinned good hopes on the Kabir Khan directorial. The weekend gone by had risen some sort of hopes that ‘83 could well manage a lifetime of around 125 crores but unfortunately that won’t be the case now.

So far, the film has collected 94.80 crores and though it had earlier seemed that the 100 crores mark would be crossed by the close of second week, it won’t be the case now. The film would just about manage to cross the 97 crores mark and then add on further 3 crores or more in the third weekend, provided at least some states still allow cinemas to be open.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources