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Himesh Reshammiya has been a name synonymous with music and compositions since over a decade. However what has emerged as a complete surprise is the fact that he has a whopping 700 compositions in the pipeline from his music label Himesh Reshammiya Melodies. No wonder, Himesh has certified himself as the bonafide Music Maestro of India. 

His latest songs Surroor 2021 and Tere Bagairr have surpassed several milestones already within a few days of their release by entering the charbuster list of 2021. Surroor 2021 has crossed 55 million views on YouTube and 7 million audio streams within days of its release. On the other Tere Bagairr has seen 5 million views on Youtube while trending on number 6 within just 24 hours.

Speaking on the whopping 700 new songs that he has made, Himesh says, “I am grateful to the audience for accepting pure and original melodies straight from the heart in such a great way. In the past few years, I have made 700 new songs with a lot of hard work and passion for the audience. Each of these songs will highlight melodious tunes, amazing conceptual videos and the immense talent of the artists. I will collaborate with the entire music industry on a larger than life scale which includes superstars and artists, which will bring out their amazing talent!” 

Himesh has always been one to scout for and launch amazing and fresh talent waiting to blossom and the proof lies in his music. 

“I will also launch new talent and back upcoming talent who are yet to get their due, via these songs. In the music world, there are many great singers who are waiting for the right composition to showcase their talent. That’s where I step in! When I entered the industry, I had roughly 350 compositions all of which hit the right mark with the audience. After that, I took a break and worked on another 350 songs which yet again became chartbusters. Now, with these 700 new songs I have stepped into each genre of music and I believe they will be my best compositions till date.” says Himesh. 

The super successful composer is now collaborating with the best talents of the country in these albums from his music label. His last song, Tere Bagairr saw the launch of Parth who is their inhouse talent and he will be seen in several projects with Himesh’s label. 

“The second track of Surroor 2021 is expected in the month of July and it entails a pure melody which I am extremely proud of. I am truly grateful for all the support the industry and my fans have given me. Along with Sameerji, the lyricist, I also plan to collaborate with Javed Akhtar sahab for 7 evergreen compositions which will surpass the songs of Namastey London,” says Himesh Reshammiya. 

With 700 new compositions in the pipeline and 2 superhit songs in 2021, Himesh Reshammiya is surely one to watch out for all music lovers!