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Over the weekend, Akshay Kumar released a video on the current happenings in the industry. Back from Scotland after the shooting of Bell Bottom, he bared his heart out in a near four minute video that he shot by himself. While he has made quite a few videos for his fans in the recent past as well, especially during the onslaught of corona virus where he was trying to educate people around the menace and shared insights into how to take adequate precautions, this time around he spoke about the negativity prevailing in the industry, and a lot more.

Here is presenting 6 key facts stated by Akshay Kumar in the video where he primarily spoke in Hindi.

Fact 1: Film industry indeed needs to retrospect

Akshay acknowledged that after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, quite a few issues have been unearthed and they are as painful for the industry as they are for the audiences. There is a course correction that indeed needs to be done and it all starts from looking within. He mentioned that there are ill wills in the film industry, something which is the cause for retrospection.

Fact 2: Yes, drug problem exists in the industry

A key point of debate post the death of Sushant Singh Rajput is the usage of drugs in the industry. While no superstar has come forward to talk about it, most have just shrugged it away as something that doesn’t exist at all. However Akshay has categorically stated that the problem indeed exists. That’s a major statement made by a top celebrity, though Akshay also adds that not every person in the industry is into drugs. Moreover, the menace exists in every industry and profession, and not just the film industry.

Fact 3: Let law take its course

A firm believer in law, Akshay has re-emphasized on the point that the use of drugs is a legal matter and hence the law enforcement agencies and courts will take just the right action to tackle this point. Moreover, he reaffirmed that every member of the film fraternity would cooperate with the agencies to ensure that the issue is well taken care of.

Fact 4: Films reflect the current state of society

Being an active member of the industry for three decades, and someone who stays on to be one of the biggest revenue regenerator for Bollywood year after year, Akshay reflected on the fact that the film industry has time and again promoted Indian values and culture in front of the world. A true reflector of true sentiments of the people over the years, the industry has highlighted corruption, poverty and unemployment by means of cinema. So now if sentiments of ‘aam aadmi’ are that of being angry with the issues around, that has to be accepted.

Fact 4: Media is powerful, though it could show some a bit of sensitivity

As someone who has always maintained a cordial relationship with media, Akshay acknowledged the fact that media is indeed powerful, and picks up right issues at the right time, hence lending voice and justice to people. He re-emphasized that media is doing a wonderful job in raising its voice, though he requested that if there is some caution taken with bit of sensitivity thrown in, it would make it all even better. There is a lot of reputation at stake for someone who has built his/her name over the years and unnecessary negativity can take it all away.

Fact 6: Audiences it the most powerful, it is them who make stars

As a superstar with millions of fans globally, Akshay called out for audiences that it’s them who have the power to make actors like him and other as stars. He acknowledged that today, many out there are upset and that’s something which cannot be shrugged away. While that doesn’t make everyone in the industry bad, it still requires the fraternity to work on the flaws, and win back audience’s trust and love.