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Now this is something that has pleasantly surprised one and all. Himesh Reshammiya, who has delivered countless musical chartbusters over the last two decades, had turned over a new page in his eventful and success film career. He has now turned director with the music video of his latest studio album, Surroor 2021. Released on the music label Himesh Reshammiya Melodies, the title track is out for all to see.

One look at the elaborately shot music video and it is apparent that every frame is stunning with a lot of grandeur. Moreover, the storytelling is intriguing and keeps you on the edge all the time. The characters and the story leave you thirsting for more and Himesh promises to reveal the entire story in the sequel of this song which would be out soon as well.

Of course for those waiting to catch Himesh in action in his iconic cap look, there is lot happening in that aspect as well, even as he carries his ripped physique with aplomb while introducing newbie Uditi Singh as the new ‘Surroor girl’. 

Says Uditi, “Himesh is a supremely talented superstar who has given so many blockbuster songs over the years and has always been ahead of times in terms of content. He has been a trendsetter in his own way. Moreover, he has been instrumental in giving breaks to so many new talent in the industry and is a true rockstar.”

She goes on to add, “It’s great to be launched by him in this grand video. He is a very patient director even though the weather conditions were very difficult in the desert where we shot. 

Also, he is an amazing co-artist who is very clear in his vision as to what he wants from you. He was super confident that he would achieve the shots the way he wanted, and the result is for everyone to see. Every shot is a visual delight and every frame is aesthetically well shot. The concept of the video is beautiful.” 

Incidentally, it is Himesh’s wife Sonia Kapoor Reshammiya who brought Uditi on board for the video and also designed her look. 

For Himesh Reshammiya, turning director was akin to entering a new arena.

“I have enjoyed the experience of turning director for this video and am very happy with the response that I am getting, be it the visuals or the melody of the song. The content of my music label Himesh Reshammiya Melodies will get melody back in a big way. This is just a beginning and in a few weeks there will be a lot of songs and grand videos which would be released on my compositions with other talented singers, stars and superstars as well. That’s not all as there would be collaborations with other composers too.”

He goes on to conclude, “I have been very passionately working on this music project and would be coming out with a lot of content which is timeless and would appeal to all music lovers all over the globe.”

We look forward to that.